Richtek Sues AMD, Sapphire, and Others over Alleged Patent Infringement



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These people order PWM chips from third parties, like Anpec. Go ahead and do a web search for some of the names of the small chips on the back of your video cards (APW7065 for example.)

I'm sure these third party auxiliary chip manufactures either have the appropriate licenses or they have developed their tech independently. Even if they didn't, these companies are local to Taiwan, so they have absolutely no need to leave there jurisdiction to enforce there patents if they ever so happen to be valid.

It seems as if every day these lawsuits over tech royalties are becoming more obscure and frivolous.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



I agree. The one problem I see is that is seems that everyone and anyone can sue for everything and anything at any given time. It's so frivolous anymore that it's not even funny. I'm just waitin for the moment to sue nvidia because it's power managment usage made my electric bill rise 5 bucks a month and it has put a huge strain on my family! LOL!



I knew something like this would happen to XFX after it started hanging around with the wrong crowd...






I like that XFX jumped ship, I have one of their 5870's rockin in my case :p Wouldn't want some lame lawsuit to hurt them.

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