RIAA Still Bellyaching, Says Copyright "Isn't Working"



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smiles...witness the power of T1 as I single handedly tell the RIAA to fuck off and die cause I refuse to give them my fucking info...and nobody holds it for me...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  ,.I.. ..I.,



The RIAA is doing the same thing that led the Big 3 American automakers to their doom. Instead of developing new products to adapt to the changing market (ie, vehicles with better fuel efficiency), they decided instead to lobby the government to change the legislation. We all know how that worked out. Hopefully Washington won't bail out the RIAA. 



What's next?

The RIAA wants to impose a head tax on all the people on Earth since music/movies affect us all.

Go fuck yourself RIAA and members.  I'll rather see/listen to independent musicians, actors, films, etc...



Wah! I got news for you asshat, the DMCA sure as hell ain't working for me either. Sherm-buddy why not lobby your congress-critters to abolish the DMCA, since it was you and your friends in the entertainment industry that got them to pass that abomination in the first place.




Hey they are welcome to try. I'm sure Comcast will be more than happy to hand over information on their 25 million customers.


I mean when the FCC took Comcast to court it... Oh wait. Comcast won. And ISPs still don't have to cooperative with this heinous crap. Everyone Copyright Cry Baby CEO of every company in the known world will be knocking on the door seeking information illegitimately.

And let them try. I'd like to see how well these dicks do in court, even if they pass unconstitutional legislation which will be challenged. I don't think the money holding, data service kingpins of the world (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T) are going to lose this fight, Ever,

This dick will get nothing.



RIAA needs to disolve. Die die die. Go away Sherman you're not wanted on this earth. Consumers don't want RIAA or any of their money grubbin pencil pushers.



I nominate Sherman for the Biggest Douche In the Universe Award.

Other top contenders:

Steve Jobs

Mark Zuckerberg

Cory Ledesma

Brian Dunn

Mark Pincus




The music industry has lost some price-fixing battles.  Back in 2000, EMI, TW, BMG and more settled on a price-fixing case offering tiny compensation for buying their over-priced CDs.



unless they try and screw with my internet! if I get my door busted in just cause i googled green day songs download, trying to reach itunes, then ill take the RIAA to court myself! We all want to, we just dont have the balls and money to do it!



I think we need legislation that makes the abusive use of the legal system for profit a federal felony. While we're at it how about one that just tells the RIAA to go fuck themselves?



If only we could.  But the lawyer lobbyists would just make sure it would get shot down.  Wouldn't want to hurt their profit margins, would we?



I say give them what they want.  They'll be so enamoured passing useless legislation that they will continue to miss the fact that people just aren't buying their crap, period.  Then, once the whole industry has fallen, maybe something better will emerge from the ashes.



You don't get "Dethawed" you can thaw or you can perhaps defrost.  At the risk of being "That guy" I wanted to let you know.



She always says "I dethawed the chicken for dinner" and I say "Why did you throw it back in the freezer?  We need it thawed out for the reciepe."

I usually end up doing the dishes afterwards for being a smart a$$.



The problem with music, movies, and other forms of media is pricing and competition.  CD's have been around since I was a child.  If I wanted a CD i had to fork over $15-20 for a single CD.  Even then the manufacturing cost was cents of a dollar.  Now if I wanted say a Offspring CD I couldn't hope that one company would undercut another company's Offspring CD.  Each label can only produce its own artist.  Therefore no true competition exists.

     As far as pricing if they never made CD's or DVD's so outrageously expensive versus cost to manufacture the public never would have embraced illegal methods to obtain the products in the first place.  They shot themselves in the foot.  I like how LCD manufactures get hit with price fixing lawsuits but these crooks in the media industry never did when every CD cost the same money upon release regardless if the band was a one hit wonder making chump change or a super group with multiplatinum records under their belts.



What does cost of CD's have to do with this discussion? Artists have to make a living, and it costs artists a ton of money to produce albums. Britney Spears hit song "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" for an example, she had to pay the author of the beats and lyrics in the realm of $300,000 if I remember correctly....and that's just for one song. Your reasong is somenting along the lines that movies and music albums should only cost consumers $0.25 because that's how much the blank CD's cost.

Though I do agree with you that $15 is outraegeous for albums that has only 1 or 2 good songs in it. The most notorious was Slim Thug's album titled Platinum that had ONE good song in it...and the rest was something that I could've came up with in my basement...and its price-sticker was $15 on store shelves when it was relesaed!! I continue to purchase physical CD's today, but only when they're on sale for $10 or under, and the album is a must-have.



What does the cost to manufacture a CD or DVD have to do with it?  Do you think a painting is sold by the cost of the canvas and the paint used?  Music is very subjective.  One guy may be willing to pay $30 for that Offspring CD (ha!) and another wouldn't pay 2 cents.  Also, just because you're multiplatinum doesn't mean your next album is as good as the rest.  (But you can charge more for concert tickets).

I think the RIAA wants to blame piracy for poor growth, but I blame the crappy music.  It seems all the music today is robot-voice/auto-tune, poppy, talentless crap.  There's no integrity in that industry at all, so why should the RIAA expect integrity out of the people who they expect to fork over money for this crap?

And of course they are greedy as hell.  It's hard to feel bad for a bunch of execs complaining from their yachts that they're not making enough millions while middle class americans are struggling to pay their rent.

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