RIAA: Our Torrenting IP Addresses Were Used By a Third-Party



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They wouldn't let people use that excuse.. Why should we



And I bet they used to record music off the radio onto cassette tapes when they were kids too!!  Filthy, lying thieves.  Should have killed them in their cribs.  Could have stopped the record executive epidemic before it even started...



If it is possible, what they are saying may be viable in that people are trying to discredit them.  And they expect many people to believe that they did pirate and to make them look bad. 

Though if someone in the RIAA did indeed do it, they don't want to admit it.  If they admit it, it will make them look bad.  If they lie, advocates of priacy won't support them.

But if the no one in the RIAA actually did do it, this could merely be a campaign by some person or group to discredit the RIAA.  The person who would ahve framed the RIAA would expect that the legions of pirates would not believe anything the RIAA says due to antagonism for the group. 

If I were the RIAA and indeed someone in the group did do it, I would come out and say it was one bad apple that did the deed to take away teh arguments of advocates of piracy that the company is all hypocrites as many here are saying or implying. 


As for my stance on piracy, piracy is only jsutified to serve as fair use to backup content that one has purchased or try out a small aprt of.  For example, I run Linux on my computer and sometimes I download a game to test if it works via WINE.  If it works fine, I buy it.  I do this as not all games offer demos. 

Piracy means that peopel can download anything they want.  Pirates claim that various thigns such as price is unfair and that little money actualyl goes to the artists.  But if this were the case, then pirates shoudl make donations to the artist directly.  But I know no pirate that does this.  If there are some, they are a small group.  The preceding statements are merely jsut excuses to build an argument.  They are excuses for a majority of pirates to simply get content they want for free and never intend to support the artist opr content creator.  Because of the ease of getting digital content for free, piracy dimnishes work ethic as people won't work to get money to buy it or to support and artist directly via donatiosn or attneding of concerts. 

Furthermore, if a pirate does not want to support a select record company for unfair practices, there is the boycott.  However, people are too greedy and instead jsut resort of getting digital content via piracy.  With piracy, pirates create antagonism from content owners and the publishers and they will create stuff liek DRM which in the long run hurts the average non-pirate consumer. 

Pirates say that content companeis should not put DRM because it hurts consumers, but most of these pirates don't really care about this.  They just want to make priacy easier for themselves. 

If pirates indeed do want to change policies of content companies, they should boycott the company and nto use any of their products at all.  If people still pirate content, the publishers knows it is popular and either raises prices or puts more DRM to protect it.  If people simpyl boycott the content from a publisher and refuse to use said content, the content loses popularity in teh eyes of the record companies and thye would be more willing to lower prices and make changes and less antagonism is resulted. 

REgardless of whether or not priacy si stealing, publishers of content view it is stealing even though I as well as many believe it is not.  As such, continued piracy comes off as continued stealing and thus antagonism.  Boycotts don't create the same type of antagonism.  It still results in antagonism but not nearly as bad as from piracy.  And would convey a sense that the boycotters are more sensible, proper, and reasonable people to the eyes of publishers and they would be more willing to listen to the demands.  Also through boycotts, non=pirates can be convinced to join in teh cause.  Non-pirates may not join in pirating to demand change due to either legal or moral restrictions but boycotts are compeltely legal and significantly more appealing then piracy.  Thus, people who demand chagne in policies of publishers can garner support from non-pirates if they were to use boycotts as a primary means of demanding change. 

Thus boycotting is a more effective action and is more beneficial to the consumer then piracy. 

Now this was rushed  so there are incontinueis and vcarious errors.  While I do not support pirayc except to test things out, I do not like various policies of publisehrs such as how the artists aren't getting paid enough from sales of their music or content and restrictivie DRM that hurts the averag econsumer, and various other issues.  So I sympathize with the demands of certain pirates.



What are you writing a book???? Let me sum up in one paragraph...

A 3rd party? Don't give a flying you know what... that defense doesn't work for the RIAA with people they threaten and prosecute but somehow we're all expected to understand for these thugs? And that is EXACTLY what they are... thuggish dictators just like they were running a 3rd world country. We all know what happens inside these countries and we all know the UTTER BULLSHIT the various regimes spew out to the rest of the world to make themselves look so reasonable and rational and respectable. This is what they're doing.



America, Land of Hypocrisy. Please, won't someone think of the future and make hypocrisy a crime so we can toss these corrupt MAFIAA organizations and their political lackies in prison.



+ ∞



Even if it was a third-party (however unlikely), it was probably the MPAA anyway.



So If I'm ever the target of the RIAA's witchhunt, and they have compelling evidence that my IP address was caught in an act of piracy, I only need claim that it was someone else using my IP!  According to the RIAA, this is all you need to do to forgo consequences.

It's the perfect defense.



I hope these fuckers burn.



Ahhhhhhhhh the good ole Shaggy defense. 



No where near as good as the Chewbacca defence though.



help! help! I'm drowning in sarcastic irony! help!


and that is exactly all I have to say about this.



Oh noes... the poetic justice boulder is falling on me! SOS.....



That is brilliant!!




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