Revamped Games For Windows Live Ready to Go Head-to-Head with Steam, Begin PC Console War



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As long it is not EA. I welcome to new digital competition. Least i trust microsoft more over EA



Microsoft should just change their name to.....Revamped!   I can't remeber when the last time MS did ANYTHING right the FIRST time   :/



If microsoft really does care about PC Gaming, then why don't they share some of their first Party games with the PC platform.  I wouldn't mind waiting 6 months after the console version to come out on PC but some of them never come or come too late.  If they release halo 3 on their new GFWL then I'll consider it but it still doesn't have a desktop client and steam offers that and much more.  Yawn.  Wake me once they learn something about PC Gaming.



Awesome. It only took Microsoft 5 years to recognize the value of Steam. I believe that by 2020 they will be have 4 games available for download?



Yeah for sure. Like bill gates said that interner isnt important. Least they learn :)



i think the only thing steam needs is AIM funcionality. so i can log in to aim but have it run through steam cause it always seems to bog down my comp like crazy when i'm playing  a game and i hate running in windowed mode. 



It's always good to have competition...but gamers should note that Microsoft will allow you to continue to download for five years for free where there is no time limit with Steam. It's understood that most gamers don't really re-download games that are five years old...but the thought that you CAN'T do it will probably be one of the mitigating facts that keep gamers on Steam.

All that said...the real thing to watch for will be how fast games on Steam show up on MS. If they's probably because MS is using their platform (like they did w/360) as a loss-leader. Lose copious amounts of money now to command market share and get your cash back later. Of's also entirely possible Steam/Valve has exclusivity deals in place to preclude such an occurance. For'll be interesting to watch.

To be open...I'm a huge fan of Steam and buy almost all my games there because that's where my friends are. If MS can crack the "friends" deal w/PC Gamers...they'll have a shot.



I don't know about most PC gamers, but I regularly play games that are more than 5 years old.  Now I wasn't downloading them back then, so I just use original media.  But if we're purchasing online now, I would insist that I be able to download those games for as long as I like.  GFWL is not even remotely appealing to me for that reason along with others.



Competition drives innovation. Old but goldie rules. :)



Well its about time.  Steam doesn't have to worry until Microsoft puts out a game half as good as Half Life 2. Until then Steam can just keep on truckin' it.  Everyone can play Halo and I'll play L4D.



Well said, I second that!

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