Retired Gates Deems Yahoo Deal Unlikely



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Retired Gates Deems Yahoo Deal Unlikely. Yes, Bill. You're right as alway,Bill. You're such a guru and phrophet, Bill. Yess Bill, you are more insighful than Nostradamus {if you foret about Windows Vista & ME].

The thing about your pronouncements, Bill is they need to be cast in the FUTURE, Bill; no in the PAST !! Don't you remember Buddy Ballmers wonderful , huge media coverage of him looking like a loon, arms flailing in the empty air,; his eyes bugged out neck craned forward and mouth open enough to swallow a basketball!!?  Ah, that lasting image of nearly a month ago, Bill, still burns repulsively in my brain, Bill; but we were all laughung so darn hard around the watercooler for days, over the sight of MIGHTY M$' top exec acting sooo professional and reasoned inDELIVERING MICROSOFT'S ULTIMATUM TO YAHOO. Remember,Bill, how proud you must have felt. Yahootossed you out the door about a month ago Bill; so, yea, I guess you might get the idea (as farfetched as it may seem to your reality) that Yahoo does not have warm, fuzzy feelings to you, Ballmer or generically, M$.

But then, Bill, alot of us have lost those loving feelings with all the antagonistic tactics you forced on your consumers base...your core business. Nor do we have much confidence in you like we used to. MS is like so many once hot=blue chippers that couldn.t or wouldn't respond to its markets timely; and are becoming a "USED TO BE.'



Congrats Bill, enjoy your riches! Detail your beautiful cars with the children, play sports with the children and donate to Folding@Home. That is all I ask ;).

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