Resident Evil 6 Coming to Consoles November 20, PCs Sometime Later



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h e x e n

Lost interest in this franchise after Nemesis. It's pretty cut and dry how things will end up in these games. The story is moved around some with everything else left the same. This works for about 3-4 games and then it's tiresome. Just like the GTA series.

I'll wait for the reviews on the PC version before making any decisions. More than likely, the game will suck mud on the PC.


Holly Golightly

I like the pictures. Graffiti-style advertising is cool!!!

None of my Capcom games work with Windows 7... Not sure if it is GFWL or Direct-X, but I will wait till the game drops to like $2 or something before I take another risk and buy this game.

Game... Okay Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 were not scary at all. At least not in comparison to Amnesia. Both of those games took place in broad day light. Where you can the enemy run to your direction from a mile away. I don't like the idea of killing one race of people. Not cool to kill Hispanics and Blacks when you are the big tough white guy with the shotgun.

Camera... I hate the new camera angles. Half of the screen is Chris' and Leon's back. Not cool. I want to see more of what is going on. Why not make the game in third person like the others? Maybe have a first person option. I guess some people like this new second person angle, but I see it as cheap... Saving on graphics because it is designed for consoles.

Lastly, bring enhanced features to the PC version as well. I want a Direct X 11 option, and all the DLC. Something tells me to expect disappoint. None the less, I want to see how this game works out on the PC gaming platform... I had it up to here with Capcom not working on my rig.



RE5 PC is sooooo bad, the controls are freaking stupid, the inventory system is extremely stupid, the QTE, like the one you only need to press "X" on a xbox controller, you need to press "F" + "V", sometimes "A" + "D"... The stupid AI will block your sniper shots, they also take swings to the face, don't even bother to dodge...
The only good thing about the pc version is, it uses the pc, and the aim is better.



My hope is they take a lesson from the failings of RE5.

- Don't make multiplayer the only option, or if you must make the friend AI not stupid.

- Bring back the taxicase inventory and give it a quick-select. Armour does not take up a pocket in armour.

- Longer is better. I beat RE5 in 3 hours on my second playthrough.

- PC version gets whatever extras console version gets. Seriously capcom, screw you for no Gold edition or DLC for PC.

The trailer does paint it in a good light but so did Dead Island's. That one was a lie so I'm just gonna hope for a demo and hope it's a step up from RE4. That is not to say RE4 was bad, I loved it, I'm just saying sequels should try to at least have some elements you can't look on the previous instalment and say "it was better on that one".



Oh goody - another crappy console port. No thanks...



What was so crappy about Resident Evil 5?

I have both PC and Xbox360 versions of RE5 and have found nothing wrong with either IMO.



well, re5 pc never had the gold edition's bonus extras



That's still not a logic point to say it's crappy. Ya, it bites PC peeps don't get the extra content but that still doesn't make the game crappy.

But, that's your opinion and this is mine and you know what they say about opinions. Opinions are like Ass-Holes, everybody has one and they usually stink.

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