Researchers Working on LED-based Alternative to Wi-Fi



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Now there will be less of a footpring in terms of aesthetics and it does two things at once. Might be the future of home building depending on the price, but for now it's just a dream. I wonder what happens when the LED burns out, and the wireless is still functional. It's a small downfall in terms of basically having to buy a new light even though wireless still works...but they should think of something.



Well considering an LED light lasts around 100,000 hours or more (10+ years) and are fairly inexpensive this is hardly a downfall.



... but that's still a chace that it burns out.  Then what?


Also, having the LED's turn on and off may be be within our conscious perception, but how would that flickering affect people and kids after an intense session of COD in an enclosed room?  Headachs?

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