Researchers Use Zero-day to Breach Chrome's Key Defenses



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I do not think that google chrome is that secured. All you do on the internet is monitored and can be seen by someone..

Best regards,

Cazare Sinaia



No software is secure. NONE.


I do really like the pwn2own deal though, you really have some of the most talented people actually doing some good.....instead of bitching about a company for sueing somebody and then hacking them and stealing credit card information....


Oh if only talking smack about google was as "hip" and "cool" as talking about Microsoft or Sony....



First of all, people talk smack about google constantly. Mostly over privacy concerns.

Secondly, did it ever occur to you that there might be a reason that it's not as 'cool' to talk smack about google as it is about Sony or Microsoft?



I highly doubt the credit card info was stolen because of the lawsuit with geohot. They gained access and a hacker said hey lets snoop around and then they found all the CC and personal info right ou in the open on the dev network.

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