Researchers Think They Know Why Wi-Fi Drains Your Cell Phone



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Having worked at a company that tried to implement this on a wireless networking device, the real problem is that most routers have not implemented the standard correctly.

It's a big problem that in most cases when your wireless device device goes to "sleep" it never wakes up again because the router isn't compatible and won't send a proper "wake up" packet.

So the device makers give up and set the devices to never go to sleep... no more issues.

I remember Nokia has an extensive whitepaper on the issue. I don't know if we ever solved it.





Found one typo...Taxas.



Thanks for the catch :)



To hell with these so called researchers. Just move to sprint and problem solved. No data caps on 3G and/or 4G with the EVO. I get 2.68 down and .854 up consistantly so there is no need for wifi. I'm in central florida and I use a server in Kansas to measure my speed using the speedtest app for EVO/Droid. EVO FTW!


I have to PooP!



 Right, because you know, Sprint is available in all areas of the world.

Ya, I'm gonna go sign up for Sprint, and pay roaming charges, etc up in Canada.

What about if you're in an area of the USA where there is limited Sprint coverage, or there's no 3G or 4G, but you've got ample WiFi available?

Or on an airplane. If they don't allow cell phone usage, but WiFi is fine?


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 Well your right. But I was basically targeting people in the US market, hence the AT&T users....saying AT&T sucks. That's all. Sorry if I offended you.

Using wifi, such as at a starbucks, or a wifi enabled mcdonalds in a limited 3G or 4G area for short periods (not marathon internet usage) is fine. Sure, your batt usage is going to drain, but you need to know the limits of your phone. If you have a PC at home with internet, wifi, etc, use your PC. But people are so incessant on using thier cell phone wifi instead of thier PC because of convenience, thus killing their battery prematurely then they complain about it. Some people treat smartphones like an 8 hour toting netbook with an 8 cell battery. You just can't do that. Smartphones are meant to be quick convenience, not a replacement.

But these so called researchers aren't saying anything new that we didn't already know. They just want notoriety to justify grants that they get from their gov't and private institutions.

I have to PooP!

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