Researchers Find Chrome OS Vulnerability



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Things are not looking very bright for Chrome or droid. Google has to be fast in patching them up.

Shaw Capital Management



SERGEY!!! Get your a$$ over here, NOW!



Guess it's a good thing that Chrome OS isn't a web-based OS. Chrome OS is firmly rooted within the confines of a Chromebook's onboard storage.



What, they can exploit a web based OS too? We're all Doomed I tell you 


lol, Sorry it's just funy that the crowd "gasped". Any system can be exploited period. It just takes time and a bit of thinking out of the box, but nothings 100% safe.

Still I prefer client based over server based (cloud) every time. You just have a better level of control over everything. Server based systems are great for a lot of applications. An example is a company with a high number of "off site" locations that all need to use the same software systems. Instead of pushing updates you only need to update the server. Easy peasy. Plus all data (which is the companies) is in a central location, much easier to control and back up.

As for consumer use. It's a bit more of a puzzle why it's being hyped so much. For example any of MS's "to the cloud" commercials. Every application shown is easliy done on the computer as opposed to the cloud. And you don't have to use bandwidth for your data as you use the client sided application. As well I guess the "cloud" would be great for a under powered computer. But most of the applications shown are ones that haven't needed more horsepower since the P2 or P3 days. So why? Your new bottle neck becomes your internet connection is all. Yeah, now those are always 100% reliable

Lastly my biggest problem with the "cloud" has to do with data. Who has the right to my data? Me or the server running the cloud application? What if they cache all my data? Do they have the right to use it or share it? What happens to my data if and when they get hacked? A cloud based server would be a much more tempting target then my own system I would think. I mean I do use cloud based services like Drop box, to share data. I just want to pick what I share, not have it potentialy be everything.

I'm just too much of a cynic I guess to totally trust my data to a consumer cloud.



Seems like you've thought it all through pretty good. I agree with all you said.



But...but...but... I thought hrome was ALL POWERFUL???



hrome is all powerful Chrome on the other hand...

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