Researchers Create World's First Programmable Quantum Photonic Chip



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It turns out that quantum computers are not what we expect them to be, y'know COMPUTERS. The only two good reasons for building a quantum computer is for simulating the behavior of atoms and molecules and for cracking cryptograpic codes, nothing  that interests me at all (and certainly NOT for running Crysis).

The real joy of reading about this is that it seems to be doing quantum effects at room temperature, always a plus. Most of the time folks have tried quantum effects, the desired results have been swamped with decoherence due to getting swamped by heat and interactions with other atomic particles.

There is a fascinating article about photosysnthesis has been almost proven to use Feinman's sum of all paths to effectively move a photon of light through the various parts of a plant cell to where it is needed to pop an electron into a higher orbit for energy release:



That comment was 100% full of awesome. 

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