Research Company Predicts Tablet Shipments Skyrocket to 57 Million Units in 2015



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I thought the world was supposed to end in 2012?



I don't forsee a big change until flexible screens start becoming widely used



Am I the only person on earth who is heavily into tech, thinks the technology is cool behind this, but could not care at all about tablets? Zero appeal.



You should probably hold judgement until you actually try one. I'm pretty underwhelmed myself but may try one out only to realize it's awesome. Who knows. I ignored DVRs for years until I got one from Time Warner and realized it was one of the greatest inventions ever.



I consider myself into tech too (with both an i7 desktop and an HTPC etc) but not at all interested in any of these "pads", Apple or otherwise. Even worse I don't have either a netbook, ebook reader or a smartphone! Actually not sure I can say I'm into tech at all!



 Touch works well on smaller devices as they require only a broad sweep of a fat finger to use them. The problem with touch tablets is going to be accuracy. Typing will be a pain, but that is just the beginning. Try doing a speadsheet or a Word document, How the hell are you going to bold something or change the font using just your finger? Cannot be done. Then there is grime everywhere, accidental touches as you need both hands to hold it. It is just not practical to use finger gesture on any substantially larger screen that runs anything but simple apps.

Its not like no one has tried a  tablet before. Hell, even Apple had the neuton. So how many of these tablets are still around?



What are you talking about, typing? Do you need to type to read an eBook or watch some video? Everyone seems to think that you are supposed to compute on these things. You aren't. Why would I buy a tablet to do office work? This is taking a PC and making it work for casual computing. It simply does less than a PC. For a lot of people that's exactly what they want it to do. Past tablets were hampered because they were expected to do the same thing as regular PCs just as well or even better. They didn't. Apple just set the bar much much lower. If the MaximumPC zero point system is a car, then the iPad is a skateboard. They both have wheels and go, but you aren't skateboarding down the highway nor are you driving on a handrail.

I don't understand why anyone wants to make calls on this thing either. 

Does anyone forget the lesson of netbooks? When they first came out who thought they were serious machines? But it turns out they did just enough for a lot of people No optical drive, horrible with video and underpowered but its easy to use and the battary lasts a long time. The screen is too small and the keyboard too cramped for serious office work but it will do for some quick jobs.

As far as everyone who's into tech and don't know why they aren't interested in this its because this is for people not into tech. You know what you want and how to get it and even how to manipulate it. Tablets aren't for you. SO don't feel bad because it doesn't appeal to you. You are a demanding consumer, this is for casual consumers. You aren't interested in an empty box but a kid can play with that for hours. Do you think Bob Ross got excited over an 8 color box of Crayolas?



Well said. I feel like tablets will catch on just like netbooks have. Personally, I like the tablet form factor much more than that of netbooks, and would definitely consider getting one if the price was right.



People will buy these just for the neatness factor and bragging rights. My Palm Pre can do what these do but in a much smaller form factor and as an added bonus, I can make a phone call. Sure, it has a bigger screen, but that doesn't justify me having it. To each his own I guess.

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