Report: Unsophisticated Hackers Continue to Steal Proprietary Info from Oil Companies



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Keith E. Whisman

Just another freaking excuse to jack up the price of gas for another year of record profits while you and I fucking starve trying to keep our cars gassed up so we can goto work to make money to pay for gas. 



Yeah it's freaking ridiclious how much gas prices have gone up slowly lately. 




markstrelecki has retard strength, he can do it.



I feel sorry for the poor rich oil companies.



For over thirty years, bad folks have used our computers against us, by building and deploying viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans and other malware. We good folk have employed increasingly pervasive and performance-robbing countermeasures, and we're STILL NOT SAFE from these malcontents.

Is it not time that we turned the tables on these cyberpunks and started finding weaknesses and security flaw in the software they're using everyday?

Is there a way to make the tools the bad guys use against us return the "favor" and take their scumbag systems offline?

What will it take for good men to take action and protect the rest of us from the lowlifes and criminals that are wrecking our computers, stealing our money, compromising our identities, and holding us hostage in a country (world) where this should NOT BE HAPPENING?

I, for one, am damn tired of this crap, and I'm gonna do something about it.

Wish me luck....



I think the reason we haven't tried that yet is because what you're proposing is also cybercrime, and against the law. Vigilante justice, justifiable and morally okay as it may be, is against the law.

Not saying I don't agree with you, just saying that's why we don't go hacking and destroying hackers' systems, because it's just as illegal as what they're doing.



We are doing it, just secrectly. :)

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