Report: Universal Stylus in the Works at Microsoft



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A pen that works on any screen sounds cool, especially if it's accurate. Unfortunately, I think this product might end up with too many people poking holes in their screens.



lets hope this stylus is as good as graphics tablets. i know a lot of touch screens that bite dust.



What exactly does Microsoft have against keyboards, Windows 8 pretty much sucks and it will be the 2012 version of ME.



Because that's what a lot of people have been wanting for awhile. As to the 2012 ME, ME was a resource hog and terrible with games. From everything I've read about 8, it actually uses less resources than 7, and was ok with games in beta. Just because you don't like 8 and are afraid of change doesn't mean it's a bad OS. It just means that you suck.



excuse me, so you are basicly saying it is a simple system like xbox 360's dashboard? yeah, no one likes an operating system that doesnt leave room for its applications to run efficient.



Here's just one of the many concerns power users have with the direction Microsoft is taking to further control what you can and cannot do with YOUR computer:

...Though Windows 8 will work on PCs with the old BIOS boot system, Microsoft will require new PCs that carry the Windows 8 Certification to use the UEFI boot system with the Secure Boot feature enabled by default. This Secure Boot requirement is causing some concern within the PC industry and among power users, as it could complicate the process of using Linux distributions or dual-booting multiple operating systems. However, Microsoft has promised to keep boot control in users' hands, and the company requires system makers participating in Windows 8 Certification to offer a way for users to disable the Secure Boot feature on PCs (but not on tablets)...(PC World)

Here's Microsoft's "reasoning" for this "Secure Boot":

...The Secure Boot feature of UEFI will prevent advanced malware (such as bootkits and rootkits) from causing damage, and it will stop other boot loader attacks (such as malware that loads unauthorized operating systems) as well...(PC World)

The legitimacy of these attack vectors is highly speculative, so one has to wonder what Microsoft is REALLY up to with this new "feature". Some have reasoned that this is a cash cow for M$, forcing other OS developers to have to pay for the "privilege" of booting on a Windows 8 system under the guise of keeping said system more secure.

People that dislike Windows 8 DO have legitimate concerns and if we don't pay attention, our control over our own computers will be in jeopardy.



I'm sorry, but I don't fit into that same category as he does, at least not exactly. I actually did have ME when it first came out (it was on a very old computer built by a friend of my father's), and I actually did like it. I'm not saying I don't like 8 because everyone else is. I actually have my reasons for not liking 8. For one (while I almost never use it), WMC being included as paid for download.

Then there's metro, but since they left the option for the regular desktop for those that don't like metro (meaning me) on desktops, I'm not as annoyed with it. Next up is killing off windows gadgets and the sidebar.

Now the sidebar I don't really use, but I have quite a few gadgets that I'd like to keep, as I find them very useful for me, which is what will happen if I upgrade to 8. Hell, they even created a service that will kill gadgets and the sidebar altogether because they claim its now a "security vulnerability".

Then there's the fact that they got rid of aero, which I use daily and happen to love. Plus the fact that all the exporer windows in 8 seem to have reverted all the way back to 98 (sorry, but I see no innovation there).

Next we have their new Windows logo. While I'm not to happy with it, I still would have upgraded to 8 anyway had they not removed the sidebar and gadgets. Still, it would have been better had they kept the logo that's been the star of Windows.

The very big no no for me was the altogether disappearance of the Start button. I don't know what data they're using at Microsoft that tells them the Start Button is unused by most people, but I happen to know that myself and pretty much everyone I know personally uses the Start button.

Now, to get back on topic, this stylus thing actually seems like a pretty good idea, along with the Surface tablet I've been hearing about that MS has come up with the last year or so.



All your concerns for not liking Win 8 is appearance vs functionality/performance issues. You do not like the new logo? Well the old logo is not a Window but a flag, and it took MS how many years to make ti actually look like a Window? The OS is called Windows not Flags. I do not use sidebar or gadgets as I find them annoying. WMC is included in the current upgrade that is selling for $39, just add it to the cart when you purchase your digital download of Win 8. MS improved Explorer, if you took the time to "explore" it you would see for power users that there are over 200 shortcuts built into it, not to mention they idiot proofed it for the less tech savvy by including the most common features in the tab bar( I refuse to call it a ribbon bar as it does not look like a ribbon). I use the start button in Win 7 just to get to search where I type the name of the application, control panel applet, what have you that I want to launch. I never go beyond that, and that functionality exists in Win 8 from the Start page, just start typing the name of whatever you are looking for, as search is more comprehensive in Win 8. That is the research MS did as most people do click on Start/All Programs/MS Office/Word, they either have it on their desktop, pinned or just type the name Word to launch it.



Come on now, that's just plain mean. He doesn't suck. How about the hundreds of others who have voiced displeasure at Windows 8, myself included? Do we all suck too? If so, then its not us who sucks, it's you for having a one track mind and not being able to understand anything but what you think is right. No offense of course.



"Mean" is comparing Win 8 to ME - another version of Windows he no doubt never used. All he is doing is spouting garbage that other people have spouted. If that's what you are doing, I suggest you fit in whatever category he does, too.

As many people who have posted against it - more, most of those who have actually tried it, have posted for it.

Look, I was one of those that wondered what the heck MS was doing with Metro. I called it "Yugli" (so ugly it's beyond ugly) in posts on this site. Then, I downloaded it and checked it out.

The fact is, while it's not what I want for a desktop, it's not as ugly as I thought it would be - but more important, the time you have to spend looking at or dealing with Metro is a fraction of the time you'll spend on your computer, and if you don't like it's looks the rest of the time you can display your desktop just like before, complete with your favorite downloaded background.

Win 8 is an improved Win 7 with a mostly optional interface; that's the facts. Is it perfect? No, I've never used an OS that is, but I'll almost certainly replace the OS on the computer that has Vista on it with Win 8 instead of Win 7.


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