Report: Trinity Desktop APUs to Hit Retail on October 1



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The desktop chips have been out, just not as individual retail/OEM parts. Newegg has had an A10-based Acer Aspire and HP Pavillion in stock for quite a while now.



Bah, this supports A75 chipset but won't work in the FM1 slot? Are you fuckin serious? AMD always had the advantage of newest CPUs working in 1 generation older slots; this kills it. Hope it's a mistake.

Will anyone even bother to make an A75 chipset mobo with FM2 if the chipset is a generation behind? Makes no sense unless it supports Llano...but it has an extra pin :X



It was never really implied that Llano was going to have an upgrade path. That's what the mainstream product lines are for. The APU product line is more for "set it and forget it" applications like HTPCs and entry-level gaming rigs.



A lot of people make that argument, but I think as long as it's a DIY desktop part, it should be up-gradable and AMD should have stuck to their Athlon roots on this one.

I have a Llano A8-3870k with a Radeon 6670 running in Crossfire; I was hoping to upgrade to a Trinity A10 and pair it with a 7750 or 7770 (rumor has it Trinity will Crossfire with one of those, can anyone confirm this?) That would be a nice boost; but considering I have a mini-itx system, and the FM1 board cost me close to $150 (Asus F1A75-I Deluxe), I'm not going for a full rebuild. Tis a shame :(



Why? I knew FM1 was a dead end but my basic office PC doesn't need more than a 3870K. Its a tweaked Athlon II and it still has all the grunt most people who buy APU's will need for a long while yet.

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