Report: Slumping DDR2 Memory Prices Going Back Up



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I wish I had an underground tank or two to stock up on gas before it goes back up thru the roof!

on the memory front, i did take advantage of the low prices. i have a totally unassuming asus m2a-vm board with support for  8 gb ddr2-800 memory. i maxed it out on memory--and really didn't need to--but the prices were too damn good. i'm talking about non-rebate prices. now i have 2 gb sitting in a drawer collecting dust (waiting for me to build a cheap-o box)



So is DDR1, like you care.



 major ram manufactures are[will be] under investigation for price fixing. hahaha


"There's no time like the future."


Keith E. Whisman

And so are gas prices.... And I bet the only reason why the prices are going back up is because of Intels announcement about keeping DDR2 alive.

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