Report Predicts that Tech Layoffs Will Cause Cybercrime Spike



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Although this post isn't really on the article topic, but I would like to respond to the posts below.

When a company laid off people without paying them what they earned(2weeks pay?), recommend to ask for legal advice for possible course of action.

Laid off unpaid employee took things away that belongs to the company, it would be called stealing. Yes, a crime. Whom ever bought it and found out later it was a stolen goods, could report to the legal authorities.

sigh...just don't do anything stupid, so not worth it.


I Jedi

Well, while I can understand that many layoffs in the tech. industry are happening right now, I can't forsee cybercrime shooting up to expodential levels from where they are now. 

And to the person who posted below me. If I worked two whole weeks and was then told I wasn't going to get paid for those two weeks when I could of went out and looked for another job, then I sure as hell would be very pissed off at the company. I don't see how any company could possibly get away without paying their workers for the hours they worked without getting sued or something for it. 



It's not just cybercrime either. I live in Albuquerque, NM and you should have seen all the HP and IBM laptops that hit Craigslist after Eclipse Aviation laid off all their people and told them they wouldn't be paying them for their last two weeks they had been working. Dishonest companies will breed dishonest employees. It makes sense that robbing them of the pay they rightfully earned will encourage them to walk out with their computers, phones, and other IT hardware the day they're told they got robbed. 

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