Report: PC Market not Expected to Rebound Until Late 2010



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Gamers aren't the be all end all for PC sales. While they do make up a substantial portion, dumbing their software products down isn't going to increase sales. The current model right now actually sounds like a good idea to me. 10 years ago there was no reason to buy the fastest thing on the market, except for bragging rights. But now, every pc gamer and fan boy out there is dieing to get their hands on the newest extreme gear to hit the market, and pay the extreme price that comes with it, because they want to play their favorite game the way it was intended to be played.

There are upsides and downsides to this slump. Alot of the little guys that innovate the industry and force the big guys to follow suit are going to fall by the wayside, and you might not see too many industry changing innovations in the next 5 years, but what you will see is prices dropping all over the place in an attempt to energize a stagnate market. So you might actually be able to afford that dream machine, and if you have enough money, you should buy it and do your part to give the economy a little push.



If there has been a downslump, I'd say it's due to Steam gobbling up more and more sales as time goes by, and Valve doesn't divulve sales numbers.



I don't think Valve makes\sells computers.....

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