Report: Netflix More Popular than BitTorrent



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What all these people responding are missing is the POINT...right in front of their faces....steaming services like Netflix are now beginning to affect everything else that relies on the internet.  I have noticed how much slower it now is to surf the web.  Don't know about you all, but over the past year, the number of cellphone calls being dropped (cut off while talking) has gone to a third of my phone calls.  Yes cellphone traffic goes through the net.  You may all pooh pooh the ISPs but in the end it will become a problem for all.  I'd like to hear from the same prople once the net grinds to dial-up speeds because of the exponential growth of streaming services. Right now, I  have no bandwidth limits from AT&T.  But I would not be surprised when all ISPs start imposing bandwidth limits (even Comcast's 250GB bandwidth limit would appear generous now, as it is not unlike ly that they could just drop it to 125GB per person easily). 

I use Netflix, but use the mail service almost exclusively.  The internet is for everyone's benefit.  But there are some who don't feel that way (like the one who made the comment that we all should just stream everything - I wonder what his worldview is).  Let's not complain when the net neutrality comes to an end.



leads to terrorist!

Them terrorists couldn't promote their propraganda through p2p filesharing so now they are using Netflix to do this!

It's also telling that the convience of having on demand entertainment via streaming is a huge boon that gives what the consumers want while at the same time protects the copyrights. When are studios going to wake up and make all of their content available for a small price? Netflix's success proves this while unintentionally creating an digital atmosphere that is simple and easily accessible. There's no point going through the complicated process of using torrents to get that show that's no longer in theatres. Why bother?

With payed services like Zune pass, there's no point to even download a songs anymore!! yet the same goes for movies as for music, if it isn't available to stream, it always available to bittorrent! In today's modern market, if it's hard to get it then steal it. If it's easier to get it then why bother? Just stream it!




"For service providers, this is a double-whammy: not only are they losing revenue to these over-the-top offerings, but they are losing network capacity delivering these service," Sandvine said in regards to Internet video services like Netflix and Hulu.

Yeah, sure sucks to be an ISP... being forced to deliver quality Internet and all.  Fuck off.



The ISP's will just end up reducing the amount of total downloadable data (they have already done this once).


Mighty BOB!

I wonder how email figures into those numbers, since there have been a bunch of studies that say spam/email accounts for 90-99% of traffic (depending on who you ask).  It's high-traffic, but probably not-that-high bandwidth since most are just text.



These statistics could be interpreted as evidence that 1) Many pirates steal because of the convenience. As with Steam, an affordable digital distribution model trumps rummaging through shady websites for torrents and 2) Much of the reported bittorrent traffic may be due to people acquiring movies and television programs they previously weren't able to.  Some of this is still IP theft but there's a significant amount of gray market video where the show is available over the air or via the network's own website for free but archives aren't readily (and legitimately) available.

I hope the studios and other providers take some of this into account when they assess the Netflix issue and how it affects them.  Netflix may be preventing some of the piracy and, because of this, isn't a looming threat to their bottom line.

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