Report: Netflix, Cable Companies In Talks To Join Forces In Your Cable Box



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If there is one constant in the universe, it is that my cable company isn't getting any more frickin' money for me.

They've already instituted caps (aka Netflix User Punishment) because they are losing money to streaming.

They can kiss my big toe.



Actually cable is killing cable. It just took a reasonably priced service like Netflix to come along for people to realize how ridiculous the price of cable is. My parents have HD cable and every time I visit them I can never find anything decent to watch.

If there was a cable service that let me pick my own channels instead of forcing me to choose packages then I may be persuaded to change. But then they'd be forced to drop all the crap channels and lose money on advertising and subscriptions.



No thanks. I'm more than happy with my HD antenna coupled with my HTPC.



Someone brought this up the other day - for cable TV, there are 3 minutes of commercials every 6 minutes. I timed it also and it's true. With just internet there are no commercials for TV and movies. The cost may be 2/3rds to 1/2 less $$ also. At least I won't be forced to pay the cable companies to sell me HD commercials for 20 minutes every hour.



Well, considering the price on Cable service, I'll pass. I'd rather pay for Internet and Netflix rather than Cable, Netflix, and Internet.

At least with the internet, I get to choose what's being watched, not have the annoying commercials (as much), and the like.



With the price of cable, I’ll pass as well. Also, I have over 200 movies in my DVD Queue and only 15 of those are available for streaming.... Until more content is available for streaming, I’ll stay away from being a “streaming” only customer and from going to cable.



would be great for cable, great for netflix, terrible for consumer choice.



Actually, cable is killing itself.



I was hoping the Cable companies would eventually falter and end up just using their infrastructure to provide Internet access, but Netflix isn't exactly in the best of positions with its lack of online movie selections. Maybe a deal with the cable companies will convince certain other companies to sign more expansive movie contracts.

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