Report: Microsoft in for a "Challenging Year"



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Refocus on PC gaming 100% not the sham they are pulling now, aka GFWL. I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it again. PC games/gamers play a major role in the popularity of MS OS. A lot of us PC gamers work in the field or are the go to for PC questions from friends and family. We basically advertise for them. Screwing over PC gamers via the Xbox was a mistake IMHO. The XBox is popular now but so were the Atari, Coleco, Sega, etc, etc.



Gold Sacks and any other delusional person who thinks tablets are any where close to replacing a laptop let alone a desktop, need to seriously let me try what their smoking. It's not gonna happen, at least not for about 5 more years. Right now there is no way I could be productive on an ipad and lets face it you know that's what their refering to.



I pretty much thought the same thing. The people pushing tablets down our throats generally have a stake in their sales.

The trouble is that much like me, you're probably a power user. I can't tell you how many people I have seen with an Ipad say "it does everything, I can check my email..." and I'm waiting for the rest and it never comes. Wow checks email. Impressive. But they'll buy it just because it's simple. We forget so quickly how many people have jumped onboard the smartphone bandwagon paying $100 a month just to check facebook once in a while all the time having a functioning computer beside them.


I Jedi

Can anyone actually name one thing that Microsoft didn't actually get an idea from someone else first?



...if MS wants to survive the next decade, they need to start being proactive and innovative instead of playing catch-up to everyone else.



Seriously, this is why Microsoft is going to hate 2011:

1)  No tablet OS - no, Windows 7 doesn't count as a tablet OS

2)  Windows 7 Phone barely has the functionality of an iPhone - and that's saying much considering the iPhone lacks some features compared to the Android

3)  The rave about Windows 7 is over, please move on.  Windows 7 was great, but it seems to be their only answer to everything.  Need a tablet OS?  Use Windows 7.  Got a netbook?  use Windows 7.  Broke your arm?  Use Windows 7.

4)  Touch computing will be the next wave.  Apple is redesigning their OS to be more gesture aware and redesigning the way people work (i.e., fullscreen mode).  Windows 7 is stable, but the UI is already dated.  With Touch becoming the next wave, Microsoft will try to use [again] Windows 7 and it's not designed for it.

5)  For programmers, please get rid of the registry and replace all apps with .NET.



I agree with you for the most part, except I think we forget so quickly how priveleged Microsoft is when it comes to market share. There's alot of business and home users who still have not adopted Windows 7. The Casino that I work at hasn't adopted 7 becasue our core business apps still haven't been certified. Even strugglin in the mobile OS market, they're the defacto OS for pretty much every Joe Schmoe out there. I think there's still alot of Windows 7 copies to be sold in 2011.

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