Report: Medal of Honor Pulled from US Military GameStop Stores



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George Washington was quoted as saying that all soldiers were citizens first, giving US servicemembers some of our rights.  We as service members do have few rights that we're able to enjoy, but the ability to play a certain type of video game SHOULD and HAS been up to us.  If a government entity like AAFES is going to say, moreover tell us that WE are offended, we just don't know it yet,  when are they going to do that sort of thing with everything else that the government can control of our servicemembers?  Unlike your average citizen, the military can control much of our lives as is already... I can almost understand the pornography, due to it's possibility of offending a 'passer-by' and calling it an all-ages store (due to dependents), etc, etc... I seriously doubt that the cover of this video game would offend anyone, and the content that could requires a console and purchase of the game, making it ABSOLUTELY impossible for someone to ACCIDENTALLY become offended that did not intend to be introduced to the violence or types of violence portrayed in the game.  If any of you POG ass idiots ever heard how our damn grunts talk to one-another, you'd all be offended... You have absolutely no right to tell these guys, who look FORWARD to defending their country to preserve our rights, and give others new ones, that you're going to take away their options of entertainment, ESPECIALLY when it's private entertainment.  POG'S!!! STOP MAKING RULES THAT MAKE YOUR GRANDMA HAPPY, MAKE ONES THAT MAKE YOUR SUBORDINATES RESPECT YOU!  JJ DID TIE BUCKLE MORONS..... -out



A RTS game EA redistributed from Wildstorm, Command & Conquer:Generals, had a faction in it similar to the Taliban called the GLA. It's an old game and I doubt its been reissued again.



AAFES should be more concerned with pulling their stupid commercials they pass on their network.
they made me want to stab myself with a spoon!



When you play in a multiplayer game online, you're thinking pretty simply: "I'm this character, I get these weapons, I do this task, bang-bang-BOOM!, BOOM! Headshot!"  You're not thinking "Ooh lookit me, I om da Taliban, ooh, derka-derka Jihad-Allah!"  Wtf is wrong with these people?  Team America World Police is more offensive than this game, and it's still sold all over the place!



Wow,  I respect some of you people for your service to this country, however to call AAFES corrupted is plain ignorant.  AAFES is a agency of the DoD and as well as providing military members and their families with services and products around the world they contributed over 65% of their earnings to the MWR.   They also use their funds to construct new facilities and renovate existing ones.  In addition they take a hard hit to their business to the big chain stores often located right outside military installations.  Family member of the military are often also employed by AAFES.



I understand your defending of AAFES, knowing the good they do.  The issue is that we're subjected to the most rediculous regulations you've never heard of.  These types of 'bans' are usually kept a little more 'hush-hush', being it does after all, bring out in the open some of the bad natured decisions our 'higher-ups' make.  We have an over-abundance of garrison command in our modern military, and they need bullet statements.  They need resume lines, far more than we need freedoms.  Realize, where I am at, Men and Women are not allowed to hang out together in our own base HOUSING... not barracks, not dorms, HOUSING.  We endure things in the military that most civilians cannot imagine, not because they're lazy, but because they're unable to relate (not their faults).  The supremely over-zealous new PC military seriously needs to change... where are the days where it was an advantage to serve your country?  Gone!  Defend AAFES all you like, defend these types of decisions all you like, then in 10 years when your children all get drafted because the military is now worse than a prison sentence and nobody will re-enlist, you can just ponder.  Remember, Hitler did good things too.



As a veteran, I think this is a bad move. It is contrary to the ideals we fought for. Isn't one of the best parts of this country freedom? Let people decide for themselves if they want to support the game. This is just a form of censorship, really.



I love POS monopolies & everyone loves Another Agency Fucking Enlisted Servicemembers (AAFES). Funny how the don't mind us gunning down civilians in russian airports.


AAFES sucks!






All this free advertising. I'm thinking about buying this game now. I wasn't before the holy war started.



I don't play FPS games like this one, but I too am outraged.  This sounds like it was driven by political correctness.  It is just a game.  How accurately you can play as the taliban is irrelevant.  Let the customers (like me) decide what they want to buy.  Next thing you know, some religious idiot will get offended at games that have magic, and before you know it, there go all the RPGs off the shelf, including World of Warcraft.  It is political correctness gone too far entirely.



I think it's a bit silly, but I'm sure some PC weanie in the higher ups thought "We're fighting the Taliban, but we're giving games to our troops so they can play as the Taliban.  Bad PR!" and poof.



I am proud to be a Marine Corps veteran.

Who are the taliban--zelots who feel their moral code is superior and that they alone are allowed to say what should be published and what should be censored.

You tell me who is playing the role of the taliban.



As an active duty soldier, soon to be deploying to Afghanistan, I am taken aback by the decision to prohibit the sales of Medal of Honor (and the removal of the promotional materials from Gamestop locations on post).  I personally disagree with the decision of AAFES to prohibit the sale of the game through their outlets, but as a military command with a mission to conduct a retail business and make a profit, I do believe they have the right to say what products they will and will not carry.  This is not the first time that AAFES has also prevented an item from being sold at the PX - back in 2001, AAFES refused to stock, carry, or order a book about Timothy McVeigh.  Additionally, AAFES does not sell pornography, though that's due to a Congressional mandate, and the ruling has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

I've had friends die while serving overseas, and its not that easy getting over it sometimes.  I can understand how a mother would feel that a videogame that depicts events surrounding her son's untimely death would feel upset at the release of the game.  Look back to "Six Days in Fallujah" for a perfect example of public opinion making a game developer or producer have to reconsider their investment in a specific intellectual property.  A movie made about the same subject, or a miniseries, I would wager, would be given far less scrutiny than a video game.  Perhaps it is the issue that games are interactive, whereas movies are passive, and you are only an observer?  Or perhaps it is more of an issue with the "moral crusaders" attempting to vilify the new creative medium of the generation; just like with comic books in the 50's and 60's, role playing games in the 70's and 80's, and now video games in the 90's and 00's.

What confuses me is the fact that playing a game with nonspecific Middle Easterners fighting Americans (CoD4) in multiplayer is ok, a game with Russians fighting Americans (MW2) is fine.  How can it be alright to play a game as the Nazis(arguably the most heinous and evil group of people of recorded history) vs Allies (Every WWII shooter ever), be able to play as the Viet Cong/NVA vs Americans (Battlefield: Vietnam, and Vietnam was another controversial war), and yet it is not ok to play as the Taliban vs Coalition forces?

Honestly, I had no intentions of buying the game from the PX or the Gamestop there.  I avoid buying anything at the PX as much as possible, given that the selection is poor, the quality of many products is not up to par, and the truth of the matter is that there are far better deals on nearly every product found at the local Wal-Mart.



The real question is what you actually do as the Taliban in this game. Do you behead innocent people? Do you burn down schools for girls? Do you spray acid on children that carry books? Do you burn people alive?

If you're going to be the Taliban, you might as well be accurate.



Though I haven't done a tour in Afghanistan, I have several friends there right now. It's ridiculous to attempt to censor a game just because you can play as "the other side". This isn't anything new in video games. Take Gran Theft Auto for instance, and the idea of killing (mass) police officers. I have a couple buddies on the force who still love the game, and probably kill more cops than the average GTA player lol. At the end of the day, its a game, its a fantasy in which anyone can indulge themselves. There wasn't any controversy when COD allowed you to play the Nazis?? Are you saying that the Taliban are worse?  



I served 2003- 2007 in the greatest Army in the world as a combat engineer with 2 tours in iraq, PROUDLY. I am also an avid gamer, i had the privlege to play the MoH beta. this game so far is a great piece of work. i plan on buying it when it's released. I see nothing personally offensive of the game. now if it was made where the taliban wins that would piss me off but it doesn't because the U.S. Military is to great. I love my country and the freedoms I fought for so let the game and its makers be.



The inability to see any situation from multiple sides shows a person to be immature and uneducated. The persons that EA is trying to depict are often times placed in situations where they must understand and influence multi-sided events. Many regular soldiers face situations where they too must try to operate in complex scenarios, unfortunately not everyone in the military is trained to excel at this and sometimes messes are made. This lack of experience in allowing for other points of view is only magnified when there is governmental-military bureaucracy involved. The result is blanket judgments and exception-less rules that cost our military the agility necessary to reach our goals easily. This type of behavior can be seen here as well. Not being able to buy the game on post will have little impact on the distribution of the game, between download services, online retailers, and brick-and-mortar any soldier who wants the game will not have a problem acquiring it. This is merely a publicity move to convince the uninformed that AAFES has everyone’s best interests at heart. Any yes, the PX/BX electronics department is pretty terrible, outdated equipment at top-dollar prices. Video games from 10 years ago with the original $50 price tags on them. Unlike big box stores they have no concept of “at-risk”.




20 year 11B4V, saw action well before 9/11. Lost comrades in the Somolia fiasco. I play Novalogics Delta Force Black Hawk Down regularly. Not because of any sentimental reasons but because it is one of the best FPS ever. My point is it is a game.

AAFES is a mere shadow of what it use to be in terms of a quality product and value to the service member. This is really stupid IMO. Typical example of how "PC" the senior management has become.


There is nothing good about AAFES except they go where we go, but that is only because no one else is allowed to.


Keith E. Whisman

Usually in multiplayer games all sides balance out but in real life, the Taliban are no where near as skilled a warrior as an American Army soldier or Marine. The Taliban fighters only receive the most basic of instruction in the use and operation of their weapon, while American GI's are well trained in every aspect of the care and use of their weapons in all aspects of modern warfare. Taliban fighters only have the most basic of combat training and more likely than not, not any combat training at all, where the US military spends months upon months of basic warfare training and on top of that, constant basic knowledge training to maintain the American warriors competency. All this means is that the Taliban cannot balance out with America war fighters in any game, it's simply impossible. 

The only successful combat strategy the Taliban has is guerrilla hit and run warfare and then with todays technology, the Taliban guerrillas are usually destroyed while they flee from the battle field. So even guerrilla warfare doesn't seem to be working any more against the American warrior.

So then why make a multiplayer game with an unrealistic balance system because if the true numbers were used in a multiplayer game nobody would want to play on the Taliban side because that side would lose too much and nobody likes to lose. 

That said, I don't believe AAFES should remove the game from the shelves, that is too much like censorship and censorship is just so damn un-American it's upsetting. So no, I say put a notice on the shelf warning the customer of the possibly offensive content, thus informed the buyer can decide if he wants to buy it.



Amen. Let use choose.  Same with TV...I'll change the channel if I'm offended by something or not see a movie that sounds offensive.  People need to get over it.



I'm not a big fan of AAFES, however, I don't believe they made the decision on their own. Along the side of the executives at AAFES is a General who consults them.

I remember just 6 months ago, AAFES had a Creative (circa 2002) 256mb mp3 player on sale for $120. What a deal!! Their technology department (Powerzone) never catches up to current prices.

As for the game, I would rather AAFES/Gamestop not censor available games. Let the customer choose what games to buy.

Active duty 17 years in Army.


Keith E. Whisman

HooAh! I was in the Field Artillery and we said something a little different, it was Ooh-Sha! That was the sound that a 155mm howitzer round made as it shot through the barrel.



"That was the sound that a 155mm howitzer round made as it shot through the barrel."

That is a beautiful sound!



Besides the fact that Aafes(Army and Air Force Exchange Service, if you were wondering) is a corrupt organization that fixes prices, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. This is definately another example of PC bullshit. I know for a fact that my dad, and everyone else i know that has gone downrange couldn't care less. If a soldier doesnt want to be confronted with this, he/she just wont buy it, but guess what? Most soldiers i know LOVE FPS's that are based in reality.



Anything for a buck these days. Well it might help with that the Taliban will buy this and rather screw american by kicking our ass online then do it in real life....not possible but it could be. We take online gaming serious here in the state.
Now does it have the option to sucide bomb and get our virgins also?



I'm in the Army and I don't have a problem. It's just a game. I know its not like Halo with Humans vs Aliens. Maybe release a patch changing the main enemies name from Taliban to OpFor or something like Call of Duty Modern Warfare. But EA tries to make "authentic" games.

Anyone and everyone is going to have a problem. There's always that minority that disagrees with something. You can't make everyone happy. What if it was a movie?

I don't see a problem with fighting against Nazis in multiplayer in previous titles?

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