Report: Kaspersky Son's Kidnappers Seek $4.3 Million Ransom



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Pay the money... get your son back. THEN spend the rest of your hard earned money hiring other thugs to find and kill these kidnapper thugs.

If I had millions, thats how I would play it.


Keith E. Whisman

That brings a whole new meaning to the name Kaspersky Security Suite. Kaspersky Security Suite armed with AK-47s and Saiga 12s. All threats will be neutralized. 



Sweet comment bro. You are so right. Keep em coming, Keith!



That's not so far from the truth, at least when I was there in '93. While the situation has improved in many ways, the various mobs in Russia are still as strong as ever, and very sophisticated. One problem back in '93 was that there were few legal avenues to pursue a dispute in the case of violating a contract. Unlike in many other countries, where you can sue for breach of contract, there you had to hire your own guys to find the parties involved and rough them up. Otherwise, you'd be regarded as weak and a target for more, and often worse, scams.

They were having an epidemic of assassinations of bank presidents in those days, along with the firebombing of the odd kiosk that was behind on its protection money. There's a great movie, "Eastern Promises", that gives a good depiction of the Russian Mob, "Thieves World". It takes place in London, but that doesn't reduce its authenticity at all . . .

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