Report: Is Gainward Gearing Up to Groove with ATI Radeon Series?



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It seems to me that it’s more of a personal preference than a performance issue @ this point.

As long as you’re smart enough to buy the video set (SLI or Crossfire) that runs with the motherboard you’re running everything should run nice and smooth.

My 3 HD2600 (512mb version)ATI’s  as run smooth on my Intel Board. As my friends 2 8800 GTS (640mb version) Nvida's run on his AMD board. His bench test a lot higher but performance varies by game. And we both paid about the same for either setup.  It appears the cards are only as slick as the person installing them and the platform there running on.

if all else fails...



That was in context to the chipset, and not the GPU.  If you want to run CrossFire, you'll need an Intel-based motherboard.



**cheers on AMD**

Yay for competition!

<yoda>Competition a happy consumer does make. </yoda>

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