Report: Intel Overcame Sandy Bridge Recall to Extend Lead Over AMD in Q1



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Sandy Bridge processors are the bomb and UEFI is just icing on the cake. Not to worry though. AMD is partially owned by the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi owns several of AMDs manufacturing facilities. Arab Big Oil will hardly care about any losses that AMD may take...



agree... but guess what even though I would love to build an AMD rig, I didn't cause nothing they have comes close to i7 2600K. AMD needs to up their game.



And I'm sure you're going to be using that processor to its fullest.  Well done!  I wanted to save about $150 though so I got a PII 1090, 8GB of Corsair 1600 DDR3 ram and an Antec 902 case for the same price.


Brad Nimbus

Actually if he is anything like me he will max it out with a simple game of ARMA 2. Smartass.



They did a good job keeping bad news from getting to the populous.

Before I knew much about the different parts inside a computer, it was filled into my head that it had to have Intel inside to be worth anything. Most computers being sold are nowhere near top of the line and AMD work just great for the masses but most are uninformed.



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