Report: HTC Had Plans for a 12-inch Windows RT Tablet



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good move releasing a win8 and a android ver.
i no longer use windows for any thing other then 1 laptop i tryed win8 on and just last night i restored it to win7 and it i7 12gig ram and 2 gig dedicated 7750 video and do not need windows any more and will never buy new win os or windows device
Ubuntu on media pc Ubuntu on sli rig and i am suprised how many games now run on linux on steam
and i have a mac book air for traveling
and a nice android phone
good buy microsoft will also be buying the ps4 and giving my xbox 360 to a needy gids



I actually like Win8 (bring on the rage) but honestly the whole RT version is doomed to failure, I understand MS wanting a piece of the mobile/tablet pie but creating a closed iOS like version of Windows is stupid, go with the strength of Windows even on tablets and mobiles, that is why people use Windows to be able to load and install Windows programs and games. Add a Marketplace for apps fine but don't dummy down and lock down the OS, Windows fans do not want that.


John Pombrio

What I like about the idea that HTC had was the 12 inch size. I REALLY, REALLY want a very high res tablet 13.75 inches diagonally, the size of a sheet of paper, a textbook, or, incidentally, the size of Maximum PC magazine!
I have purchased the back issues of several magazines (SciAm, Fine Woodworking, etc) on CDs or downloads but hate having to read them on the computer. My monitor also lacks the pixel count needed to faithfully reproduce the small print to make it always legible, hence the need for higher resolution.
As far as paper print goes, newspapers are unwieldy, paperback books have some pretty small fonts. Textbooks, hardcover books, and magazines are just about the right size, which is why they ARE that size.
Stuffing the contents of textbooks or magazines onto an iPad either shrinks the text to illegibility, causes the reader to constantly scroll and swipe, or simplifies the information into a state of dumb, dumber, and dumbest.



I'd say HTC's instincts were good on this one. A full desktop OS tablet makes sense, a tablet based on the same system as their phones makes sense. A tablet based on the worst walled garden in the world stinks of failure and poor planning.

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