Report: HP Considering Dumping CEO Leo Apotheker



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Guys name sounds like a Stargate character.



Well I whole heartly agree that hiring this guy was a case of the WTF???s, and it does put the decison making ablity of, if not the whole board, then the major backers of this bozo in question I think the whole problem wasn't so much what they indended to do as the way they went about it.

The whole spinning off of HP's PC divsion came off like an elderly alzheimer's victim deciding what he had, might of had, or will have for breakfest, and if he took a dump afterwards (maybe even during?) or not. Anyone in business knows if you start talking about abandoning a market share it'll effect your stock prices because everyone starts preparing for the worst and the company loses a lot of value real quick like.

That's why nobody wanted it. A smart CEO would had a done deal in his pocket before he started any talk about divesting the company of the division. Or spun it off before anyone knew what had happened. In stead a lot of p@ssing around just left HP with egg on it's face, and a lot of p@ssed of stock holders.


Keith E. Whisman

Lets buy web os and use it for our tablets. Your fired Mr. CEO.

that is how it should have went. 

Lets quit making all tablets and while we are at it, lets quit making home computers and laptops too. Your fired Mr. CEO. 

Only now are they starting to realize this dude is a dud. If I were a shareholder I would have pushed for a lawsuit against him for being stupid. 



Wow FAIL just doesn't seem harsh enough.



I think that "legally mentally handicapped" may be closer to what you're looking for.  The idea of spinning off your bread and butter operation when you are the largest PC supplier in the world is laughable really.  A 47% drop in stock value is a pretty strong indicator that folks with a lot better business sense than me agree.  Every decision the company has made since he took his post has been borderline retarded!  I'm surprised it's taken so long for folks to recognize this disaster at the helm of a very valuable company.



Someone needs to look at replacing the board as well.  The fact that they hired a software only person who had a measley 10 month stint at his last job should have a been a big, screaming, blood covered warning for them that they were about to make the wrong choice.

I bet the qualified CEOs won't bother considering the job because they know how messed up HP's board are.



So will they be buying back all the Palm OS pads he liquidated?

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