Report: Hot Running Laptops can Damage Your Skin



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This isn't a bad side effect, this is an added benefit! Manufacturers should take this and run with it. Just think about it, you can get your work done AND get a tan at the same time. People pay good money for "Skin darkening" And if you throw in the word permanent, you're sitt'n on a gold mine!



Yes, it's relevant to the article.



After some genius fried his marbles using a "laptop on his *gasp* lap while naked and sued, they decided to drop laptop for the term notebook. Hopefully he did the damage before he could carry on his genes.


Peanut Fox

Wait.  If he's naked, why would he have jeans?



Also in recent news, repeated blows to the face can cause pain!  Isn't science fun?



Hmm.. in the PC tech/repair field, we've been telling people for over a decade that "laptop" is a misnomer. Not only is it terrible for your computer to place it on anything but a flat, hard surface, but it's appearently bad for your skin too. 

Besides that, if you're gaming or doing anything cpu/gpu intensive, try to stay away from the "thin and light" profile notebooks. I've seen too many folks try to use their sleek MacBook Pro as a gaming rig, only to reach temps about 10c cooler then Satan's oven. In any case, if the kid was gaming, he should be using a frickin mouse, not the nasty touchpad, no matter how "spacious" or "responsive" you think it is. Which, then, would involve using a tabletop. What a n00b.


Keith E. Whisman

10 cases huh? So Paul your saying that there are 10 dumb asses that have burned themselves. In order for the damage to occur, I'm certain that you'll experience pain, pain should trigger an automatic fight or flight response, basically your body should tell your brain that damage is occuring and then your brain should tell you something is wrong in the form of pain located in the affected area of the body. That's just normal people though, it appears that at least 10 people or "abnormal" to quote from the awesome movie Young Frankenstein where Igor thought the brain he had taken for the monster was labeled "Mr. Abinormal".



10 cases reported in medical journals, specific to laptops. This also occurs with heating pads, and "in workers whose jobs require being close to a heat source, including bakers and glass blowers, and, before central heating, in people who huddled near potbellied stoves to stay warm."

You won't necessarily feel any pain, or at least not the sensation of being burned, because it's not an actual burn. It's a skin discoloration, and it can occur simply from sitting in front of a fireplace for prolonged periods. In other cases, you might feel pain, but it's not a given.

The proper name is "erythema ab igne," btw.

-Paul Lilly



Might happen down the road: dmg from hot running laptops in general on human beings. I know I've seen some pretty hot laptops while working on some, but I rest them on tables & objects as opposed to the literal lap. Though I understand how the guy feels who was playing on his laptop: I tend to ignore stuff in the environment when I am really focused on games. I wonder if the laptop was hot enough to actually draw attention if someone else were to realize it on that same laptop?

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