Report: HDD Shortages Could Lead To PC Shortages This Holiday Season



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Aww -anyone who builds there own always has a stack of drives floating around. sure they are not the 2 TB or so, might be the 500, 750 or even some 250 ones. but they will still work. put 2 in raid 0 have a couple more for storage and good to go - at least until the prices come down some. n


not the end of the world



My heart goes out to the people and families that are or have lost someone due to the flooding. With that siad. This is what you get when you rely on one part of the given world to supply all the worlds storage needs. Sure SSDs would be a wonderful thing to add. Capacity and price is a deternat as mentioned by a previous post. I am (not) supprised that these manufactures don't have a secondary location ( parts, manufacture ) to take up the slack while Thiland rebuilds. A particular drive I am looking in getting went from the mid 150s to an astonishing 200+ now (granted still cheaper per Gigabyte than SSDs). I don't nor ever expected to see drives of any type stay low forever but if capitolism has its way; don't expect to see these prices go down for some time in the future as they pad themselves for the future. Didn't we used to have companies that made these parts in the US ? No? Shame... 



This might encourage adoption of SSDs, sure, and therefore lower SSD prices, but SSDs still aren't good for data storage, as they're small/GB. At least if that happens there will be less demand for HDs, since laptops can usually only have 1 storage drive anyway.


Device Unknown

This is stupid. I am sick of  hearing this BS about hard drive shortages. I am sure there will be SOME shortages but not this catastrophic extinction of hard drives. So they can't produce Hard Drives for ... lets say 6 months at most. The other vendors can pick up the slack (and love it).

This is a complete farce by those manufacturers who have a small production facility in Thailand, to jack up prices. It  wasen't 2 months ago that we were reading articles about " too many HDD's, prices below margin!"

Incidentally there was a flood and BAM, now they have an excuse to jack the prices up again.

So to you manufacturers out their whining about shortages.. shut the hell up.



I agree with you.

All the doom and gloom about the supply drying up. It's like when Florida has an early frost and loses some of their orange crop. It doesn't mean no more OJ ever. Just that it'll be a bit before the supply stablizes. Wasn't all the current economic woes creating a slow PC market? Plus everyone's supposed to be buying tablets and notebooks where SSDs make more sense any way.

As far as I know the big sales push for "traditional" computers is whenever a new version of windows comes out. I can see it becoming a big problem if the supply hasn't recovered by then, but I'm pretty sure it will.

So no problem, just don't buy a new HDD if you don't really need to.



Welcome to the global economy....!


std error

Time to go back to punch-cards!

It is interesting how inter-woven the world is nowadays, a natural disaster in 1 country ripples through supply chains all over the world. This is the second time this year with the Japanse tsunami being the first. I remember going to a VW dealer in July and being told they had no GTI's to sell because the factories are lacking spark-plugs made in Japan. The Mazda and BMW dealers also mentioned the tsunami constraining supply.

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