Report: GPU Market in a Major Slump, Will Continue through Second Quarter 2009



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its a global financial crisis..these company should adjust their forecasting..the major problem is that they expected too high revenues of a financial state crisis..

its plane simple math, people to spend nowadays on what would be more important besides computer parts. That is to survive this crisis. Ati and Nvidia are still producing good quality GPu's as of today its just still the top class is way to expensive and most people go to mainstream vid cards..

nvidia still has to top the 8800 GTX followers, since the 9800gtx is just the same as 8800gtx with steriods..



Well then they shouldn't have made the 8800gt so damn good that it can still run anything well at 1680x1050. 



should intel really be considred a gpu maker? I mean the people who use their GPUs are probably completly unaware of it



Considering that Intel produces GPUs and owns the lion's share of the market, the answer would be yes.



arent their gpu's integrated on the mobo, and doesnt support any major games because intel believes hardware t&l and the likes can be performed by the cpu?

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