Report: GoDaddy on Verge of Being Acquired for Over $2 Billion



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What the heck MaximumPC?!?! Why don't you ban this person!?!?! They keep doing this spamming day in and day out. And nothing seems to be done to stop them. Surely SOMETHING can be done!!



need moar captcha. but on a serious note, i agree with you. how hard is it to make it a point for atleast SOMEBODY to check the posts every once in a while and moderate it? sheesh..


then again, look how long it took them to make "Publish To Facebook" opt-in instead of opt-out



Just for the record SOMEBODY is checking the posts - I check literally EVERY post that has comments first thing in the morning and right before I leave every day (save the weekends) so that I can manually remove any spam that slips through. We're working on a spam report option, but that's going to take some time. In the meantime, please know that we DO care and we ARE paying attention.

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