Report: Email, Social Networking Makes Us Cold and Lonely



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The article is right but it's also an overall culture we now live in.  Everyone belongs to a certain clique with similar interest (you know what they say about pretty girls - they're all in one group, doubtful that you'll find a MPC geek with them).




lol, why'd you call me...........that's a good one 

{What is the brain of the internet. What is the Master of the Web. What is the Essence of Digital Matter}



I think there is some truth to this study or statement. I mean I am the same way: I am more socially inclined via e-mail and Instant Messaging (I avoid social networking sites like the plague however) than I am in face-to-face relationships.

However, it's still up to us as to how socially we can be in the world. If you isolate yourself (even if you're not social network/email/instant message/etc user), you will be "cold and lonely".


Ignorance is man's greatest enemy.



Trying to pin lonleiness on e-mail and Facebook is like trying to pin the Napoleonic Wars (and their brutality) on Grand Theft Auto. 

1985 is a too-convienient cutoff.  The de-humanizing of America dates from (at a minimum) the end of WWII.  The leaders of industry and commerce were sold on braking up human scale relationships as a result of the "de-regimentalizing" policies of the two world wars.  Jobs were (without conspiratorial influence) concentrated in the large cities and suburbs, undermining employment in small towns.  The Interstate Freeway system and the bias of the times had more and more individuals assigned to the far ends of the nation.  Look for

to find the same issues decried in the pre-net age.




I totally buy this logic.  Some people seem to think that having a lot of virtual friends and tweeting about nonsense is the same as real face-to-face social interaction.  Facebook and social networking are great for keeping in touch with people or talking about issues, but it's no replacement for true face-to-face interaction.  Pink Floyd's The Wall certainly touches on this aspect of the human psyche.  We put up walls to prevent people from ever really knowing who we are and we make excuses that somehow facebook fills the need for true social interaction.  Social networking is another brick in the wall.

Also Billy Joel's The Stranger...  Facebook allows us to wear all sorts of masks, but if we never really let anyone in, it will lead to an indescribable emptiness. 

Wow, that is certainly deeper than I've ever wanted to go in the comments on MPC. 

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