Report: Don't Expect Ivy Bridge Before March



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Is Ivy Bridge expected to smack Sandy Bridge? I want to pick up a 2700k but I might wait if Ivy Bridge is going to dominate.


Neel Chauhan

Now for my birthday I can get Ivy bridge! (and turn my old C2D Dell into a 100% folding PC)



The lower power consumption means you'll be able to overclock the beans out of these things before running into the thermal limit.



I heard tell that Ivy Bridge has a choice when manufacturing tri-gate chips, 30% more speed or 30% less power consumption. I wonder how this will play out in the number of types of processors released, could be really confusing!



We are all going to pay a heavy price for AMDs bumbling. Why release a new CPU when you can milk the market with the 1 year old technology?



Yeah. I have read that Intel could have turned on Ivy Bridge production for the past 6 months but did not want to eat into the profits to be made with Sandy Bridge. The ONLY way an early release would have happened is if AMD had upped the competition. With the recent and spectacular profits that Intel just announced, AMD is losing more credibility every day. By pushing the release date this far into the future, Intel is essentially thumbing its nose at AMD.



x-actly. Now if only AMD can capitalize on this arrogance and come up with some competition in the meantime it would be perfect.

Only upside is my 2600k build won't be crushed for few more months.

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