Report: Desktop Vendors "Pessimistic" About Chrome OS



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I don't know what all the fuss is about with cloud computing. I mean it's not like there are hackers out there waiting to steal your sensitive data. Look how secure Steam's server is. Or Sony. These cloud OS vendors have ' assured' us they are protecting us. ;) Nothing to worry about, right?



I wouldn't buy anything using a Cloud based OS as my primary desktop either.... of course, I'm a programmer and advent gamer, so that'd be out of the question anyways.... so let me re-phrase.. I wouldn't buy one for my wife (or any family member either.... maybe suggest it to someone I don't like though).

Of course, I wouldn't buy anything that's HTML5/CSS/Java based either... a combination of those 3 is like the drink, aptly named "The 3 Wisemen" (Jack, Jim, and Jose); it's a destructive cocktail mix that'll take you down to places you really never wanted to go to.

But I applaud Google for their efforts.  They're more pro-active than anyone else out there today, including Microsoft and Apple.  And although I'm not big on the entire OS variation of Chrome, I love their browser (on it now).  My favorite bar none.



LOL @ 5k units. Seems like an expensive flop for everyone involved.



I would never buy a pc with cloud computing as its os. Your screwed when the net goes down.



You don't need the internet all the time for Chrome OS. There's new API's in the HTML5 standard that make offline web applications possible. It's very easy to make an HTML5 application that never has to connect to the internet at all besides the initial download of the application. All Chrome OS is, is an OS where the native programming language is HTML,CSS,Javascript. Chrome also has a native C language now as well, to make up for any features that HTML5/Javascript can't yet handle.

People don't seem to realize that Windows 8 is actually the exact same idea as Chrome OS. Microsoft is migrating to HTML/CSS/Javascript as Windows 8's development language. Windows 8 also includes a lower level C language (C#) to cover any thing Javascript can't yet do. The only difference between Windows 8's implementation and Chrome OS's is that Windows 8 has a significantly better interface. And I hope Google figures this out, because I think Chrome OS is a great idea. People don't want "tabs" as the underlying GUI to their whole operating system!



I agree that cloud computing is a bad idea. It may work for some but I will not use it ever unless for business needs. Window 8 is trying to go this route but will not go far. It will end up being a tablet OS and will be as popular as the Zune. But Microsoft could realize their mistake and change Win8 before the final product.

As is the current version of Windows 8 is DOA in my opinion.

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