Report: Brace Yourself for a Hard Drive Shortage



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With the idea of putting MAXIMUM in my PC, I just recently passed 20TB of storage on my Windows Home Server (4 internal and 7 external drives).   With the price of external 2TB drives dropping sub $100, it has never been a better time...

That is in addition to ~5TB I have in two computers... 

I have redundancy built into the system... though I also backup to the cloud... (just a small % of the data).  Fun stuff!





I have a 1TB drive, used maybe 30% of it, and a 64GB SSD (Windows drive and frequently used apps), used about 50% of it. I've had it for like 2 years already (the 1TB one), and it isn't that much more filled than a year ago. With most everything I use in the cloud now (Netflix, Office, etc), I don't see the need for expanding storage.



Already bought my 2 3TB HDD's



Heh. I have 6 2TB Samsung Spinpoint drives sitting on my desk still in their shipping containers. I am all set for a while!


Fecal Face

Dang, that's a lot of storage! What do you put in there?

I've got 4 1TB drives in my desktop and they're nowhere near filled :P



All total in my house right now, I have 20TB worth of hard drives! Mostly for streaming movies...



I have 2 250GB drives in my laptop that are about 1/2 full and a 2 TB external with barely anything on it with the exception of backups of my PC's, phone firmware, PSP firmware and PS3 back ups.

My Xoom has 28.26 GB free out of 28.88 GB....



Don't dl torrents=don't need alot of space. 

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