Report: Apple on Pace to Sell 28 Million iPads in 2011



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I want to run an iPad over with my truck ;P



I agree that it is not a laptop/netbook replacement, it is more like an alternative.

You have to sacrifice a lot of functionality but you gain mobility and comfort of use. I use it a lot more than the low end laptop I used to have because I would never bother to get that laptop out, had to plug it in, get a tray table or lapdesk to use it, it was too heavy to carry in my backpack everyday (plus the power brick).

Now I use my iPad constantly (more like a coffee table/mobile device) but I have to live with the fact it's limited (flash etc). I still use my desktop for all the heavy lifting and long productivity projects, games but not at all for email, social networking stuff.  



Analysts exist to cause controversy; they just about never know a thing about what they're talking about. There's no fucking way the iPad is going to sell 28 million units. Tablets are going to die out because they have almost no practical use. They're a fad that's going to end up with losses for all these manufacturers.

Apple's stance is also evidence of a dormant learning disability, but that's obvious enough not to mention further.



This is absolutely retarded. I read these Magic 8-Ball predictions from these companies and gotta wonder what the hell they've been smoking. How can anyone with half a brain think an iPad is going to replace low-end PCs? It's complete batshittery.

And once there is decent competition I expect sales of the iPad to sharply drop off, not increase.



horay for apple destroying everything.

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