Report: Apple May be Working with LG on OLED Netbook



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Keith E. Whisman

Abstruse? Pulkit you must keep a dictionary at hand so you can use at least on unusual word in all your posts. I am still never ever going to play a game of scrabble with you.

At first I thought it was a misspell because it sounds like another word but hey it turns out to be a latin word that can be used in the english language. But it's not an english word like No is a spanish word.


Is that netbook pictured above the $100dollar notebook for every kid in developing countries or did that fall to the wayside?

If apple does make a cheap ass netbook I may actually get one if it's awesome like the Ipod Touch. But I get the feeling it's going to be like any other piece of crap netbook except for that netbook that turns into a tablet. That tablet netbook is actually freaking awesome and should be the baseline that all other netbooks are measured against. 



at times. Might have to check into a rehab for scrabble addiction. Yeah, it is one of those for kids

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