Report: AMD Nearly Acquired Nvidia Instead of ATI



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The only reason ATI has a larger market share is because they have been baked in with AMD CPU's for integrated graphics. If AMD bought nvidia, that wouldn't be the case.



So once again Mr. Huang's ego prevailed...



The real question is "Did it help to make the company money?" NVidia is off its high profits last quarter and AMD did better than expected but NVidia still had MORE profit than the much larger AMD/ATI ($116 million vs. $97 million). The stock price of AMD/ATI certainly does not show any great benefit over these past 6 years going from $40/share in 2006 to $7.29/share today.
Was it worth $5 billion? Does not look like it. I wonder if ATI would have been better off by itself and we would have had a much more competitive market in graphics cards.



That, and Nvidia lost the battle they had for x86-64 tech from Intel (they did at one time have a suit that had that as part of the damages). Now Nvidia is in bed with ARM and it still not doing too well.
Oh darn! /sarcasm



I actually remembered my old Gigabyte mobo with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ (2.9 GHZ "Brisbane") having an Nvidia Nforce chipset which I had found odd since it was already during the ATI vs. NVidia battle. I was actually able to do some light gaming with the on-board graphics (Nvidia Geforce 6200SE) much better than my old Radeon 9200SE so it was quite a step up until I bought my Diamond Radeon X1650 Pro.

But don't forget that even now, there's still one or two high-end AMD mobos with at least SLI support so I'm guessing in a way, they could be showing a bit of respect despite the competition. Or there's enough people who love to use AMD CPUs but prefer Nvidia GPUs complaining there aren't enough boards supporting that combo. To me, I'm always gonna be an AMD CPU+GPU guy. The only way I might switch to using Nvidia is if I go Intel.



I have to admit the acquisition did wonders to improve driver quality. ATI was notorious for shaky, substandard drivers; I actually stopped buying their cards for several years due to the constant problems. But I've had my HD6850 for a year now with nary a complaint. I will say that the control panel is an ongoing disaster, but that has nothing to do with driver stability.



Wait until you want to add a second card. That's when the driver issues begin. One driver will work and the next update will break everything.



This worked out great for me! I have always been an AMD/ATI person from day one, thanks to my high school IT guy! Now I can stick with AMD and have the best of stuff! Good Buy!



I actually always wondered about this, since AMD and Nvidia had been fast partners on the first few iterations of the Nforce chipsets that helped bing AMD back to prominence (of which I still have a couple) and its derivatives. I always wondered why they would suddenly switch horses and go after ATI with a vengeance like they did.

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