Report: AMD Admits Shipping Some HD 4830 Videocards with Incorrect BIOS



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 If someone were to have one of the effected cards, how would they go about getting a new BIOS? How would you update the BIOS on your video card anyway? I've always thought that something like this was possible, however I've never seen any information regarding it.


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Taken from AMD's statement:

"If the GPU-Z utility reports fewer than 640 shaders, please visit the HIS website for information on how to update the card BIOS via a downloadable install utility."

I'm not seeing any information on HIS's website regarding HD 4830 BIOS woes, so unless they're in the process of updating the site, you'll likely have to contact HIS's customer support. Once you have the correct BIOS file and utility, flashing the BIOS should be a painless experience, just be sure not to shut down your system in the middle of an update.

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