Report: Amazon Inks Dual Deals for Higher Priced Ebooks



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Baen uses a sliding scale.

Published before the hardback? Around $15, but may contain proofing errors.

Published at the same time as the hardback? $15.

Published after the paperback has come out? $4-6.


I absolutely despise the company's blatant and frequently offensive political slant, but I can't really fault their in-house ebook business.



Great idea, start encouraging piracy by overpricing, then no doubt start to complain that "piracy is killing ebooks"!

You couldn't make this stuff up.




I have a sony reader and was notified by sony that they also will be raising prices for new releases.  I will not pay more than $10.00 for an e-book.  As a matter of fact most of the e-books I have purchased cost on average $7.50.  I will just wait until they lower the prices on their new releases or go back to reading the dead tree paperback format.  As far as paying a subscription to read Murdocks publications, it will never happen.



I own a nook, and while I'm not too keen on the idea of rising prices for ebooks, as long as they're less than what a physical copy costs, I'm fine with it. I'd be really reluctant to spend that much on an ebook, though, and so far I haven't.

One appeal of ebooks, though, is that they cost less than new physical copies. I hope they don't choose to forget that. 



I wouldn't mind getting a tablet pc that could be used as an Ebook reader, but not something that is only an ebook reader. And IMHO, I think $10 should be the normal price for an ebook, like it has been said there is no printing and no distribution costs.



The entire reason to purchase an e-reader and purchase ebooks is convenience factor.  Books right away, anytime, and having many books on you at once (especially instead of heavy textbooks).  However, there is a ceiling to what the average consumer will pay for a certain level of convenience.  I think $10 for an electronic copy of a book that you have no tangible way to guarantee you will have access to it indefinitely is pretty close to that ceiling.  Being able to compete for pricing doesn't matter if you outprice demand (especially considering supply is practically infinite with digital).


Sebie Kay

$1 for used book on Amazon.... $15 for the same book in e-format.

Hmm.  By going with a used paper back, I get a physical copy of the book (no concern for a crapped out piece of hardware), no DRM to hassle with, its cheaper, and it doesn't require the purchase of a $200 piece of hard ware.


I'm sorry Amazon.  I love you guys, but I'm opting for the standard paper back over an e-format any day! 

-=Do unto others... THEN RUN!!=-



Huh? You can't get bestselling new or used hardcovers for $1 on Amazon. The $1 deals only come about after the book's become a mass market paperback.



With no physical media in my hand that is A LOT of production cost and distribution cost not spent by the publisher.  I would consider $1 an ebook.  At $15 they can smoke another and wallow in their deluded tears.



E-Book is not for me! I can buy three paperbacks for the price of one E-Book!....and I don't have to charge a battery to read it either! LOL!




It is going to make me look twice at what I am purchasing.  That is pushing the limit fo what I am willing to spend on an ebook.  I vote for a shot in the foot.  Idiots.

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