Report: 6.1 Trillion Text Messages Sent in 2010



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Lhot anyone thinks texting is easier, quicker or more convenient and personal than voice communications.  Unless of happen to be in a board meeting or at Church.

With voice you get so much tone of voice of the person you are talking to, and can convey so much more information in the same time.  Maybe I'm just old fashioned  :)



I agree with you; I hate texting and vastly prefer talking because it's just easier, especially when your phone has an onscreen keyboard instead of a physical one.  But they probably do it because it doesn't require face-to-face contact, which makes it easier to carefully choose your words.  And it also makes it a lot easier to lie, because it's harder to do that when you're actually talking with someone and they can hear your voice.  And, of course, those ridiculous abbreviations they use.  Texting never ceases to make me feel ashamed to be part of this generation, although I will allow that it does have a few advantages, none of which I care for.

Gordon should definitely write an uncensored rant on this subject (preferably a page or two) and post it up.  That would make my day.

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