Report: 32 Windows 8 Tablets to Launch in 2012



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I'll come right out and say it and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Win8 on the desktop is going to be a failure. Why would anyone go through the painstaking process of an upgrade from 7 to 8 or even worse a clean install just for basically a shiny Metro UI. As far as the touch functionality on a tablet goes I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that it'll be more intuitive than the desktop experience. When these come out I'll probably go to WORST buy (seriously the word b e s t b u y that triggers the spam filter!?!?!??!?! but all the actual spam gets through this site is so fail dude) just to play around with them to compare them to the iPAD3 and galaxy tablets. I'm also still anticipating the Vivaldi (formerly Spark) linux tablet developed by Aaron Seigo.



Not everyone speaks penguin, seeing some garishly presented price in the media is usually enough to stoke desire enough to shove plastic and cardboard out the door. I too would go indy, so long as it's GSM enabled; trouble is suppliers delaying the production chain at the behest of the whales while guppies go belly up.



1) Apple didn't spawn the market, there was always a market for tablets, Apple just provided the first reasonably decent product TO the market.
2) Can I install android on these and/or dual boot?



I in no way shape or form support Apple, but they're definitely doing it right in the tablet market. In 2012 they'll be selling 1 tablet, the new ipad. Meanwhile the "launch" of windows 8 tabs is 38.

I mean a little variation is good and all, but at some point dont you think we're going overboard? How many differences can there really be between the 38 tablets for the launch? Let alone post launch when they become just another device on the market.



I'm glad to see that the concept of a low priced tablet isn't completely lost on mainstream manufacturers. With the backing of Windows 8, they may be attractive options indeed for business and personal customers. My dream? Win8RT in an Asus Transformer wrapping. :)



I hope that these have handwriting recognition via a stylus as that would help to seriously overcome the lack of a keyboard. I can't stand the iPad and trying to peck out anything more than a few letters is a joke. I still miss the Graffiti system on the Palm.



Write a Grafitti app for Android? Also, try Swype. I wrote most of an essay on my tablet, and the process was generally less painful than doing the similar on my desktop.



I have to say, running Windows 8 preview on an ASUS EEE Slate 1121, and I really am pretty impressed with its functionality. Having a mobile device that can actual do work is important to me. We've tried iPads and Transformers around the offices, but I can't justify keeping one myself because my phone can do basically the same thing. Windows 8 is hopefully the answer to that problem - on mobile devices ... I hope they rethink their plan to distribute this to desktops, where it's just not quite as friendly without touch controls.



Of all those vendors listed, I think I'd only get one from Asus or maybe (but not likely) Toshiba.

Windows 8 on tablets has some serious potential. I don't even own a tablet at the moment, so I'm pretty open-minded. As it stands today I believe I'd only get an iPad. Win8 + decent hardware could be an attractive alternative.

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