Renesas Now Shipping Tiny, 1080p-Capable Cell Phone Processor



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With all these improvements I wonder how strong the cell phones industry will become. A friend of mine, who sells HTC Evo parts once told me that in a couple of years, the gadgets will almost have the full capacity of PC functions. The microprocessors for phones already have the power of an older PC.



This seems like an important step in the phones' development. I wonder if Renesas will consider a model for the VoIP Phone Systems. I'm eager to buy one, because mine got old.


seo (not verified)

This processor also has two 24-bit dedicated audio digital signal
processors that help lower the CPU’s load, while lowering power
consumption. This allows for audio to stream at up to 5.1-channel Dolby
Digital quality.

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bad news for MPAA. lol


he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?


Peanut Fox

Great, now if they would outfit a mobile phone with a projector next to the camra lens I'll be good to go.



But its the recording that will be huge for mobiles.  Can you imagine the quality of the video you could capture at a concert!  I would assum there's other factors/issues (record speed requirments, zoom, quality of lens, etc.) that need to be considered before this would be a fully viable solution.


I think this is great and look forward to a day when I can take HD 1080p video for more than a few mins. on a cell phone.  One step at a time...



So this chip is only 10 nm wide?!?  That IS compact....  o.O


I agree with what the post before mine says. 1080p on a moblie just doesn't interest me that much.


Pentium 0

Recording is one thing but i really don't get how 1080p playback on a cell phone accomplishes anything useful.



... in part two they're going to be announcing their new 46" mobile phone.

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