Reminder: New Netflix Pricing Goes into Effect Today



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I did quite a bit of streaming before they started charging for it, but I've already eliminated it from my subscriptioon.  I was already finding it harder and harder to find things to watch, so it wasn't that hard of a decision.  They'll have to come up with a lot more content before I will sign up for the streaming service.  

I also ended up reducing my plan to 2 DVDs at a time as opposed to 3.  I don't have as much free time as I used to, so it made sense for me.   I would never have done so without the requirement to change my plan to avoid being charged for the streaming. 



I'll keep my 2 DVD + streaming plan for a few more months yet, until I can watch all those movies that are still disc only. Between streaming on Netflix and Hulu Plus I barely ever watch a DVD movie, but there are still a lot of titles that remain disc only.


Bean Bandit

I've kept the 1 Disk/Blu-Ray and Streaming. Since i've canceled my cable since it's getting so overpriced and channels u don't watch the Streaming is nice to have reguardless. I looked at some of the others like BlockBuster but for the money and what you get I would just stay with NetFlix. Maybe I would drop the disk and switch to Blockbuster with there unlimited returns to teh store now but from what i understand there disk system is slow.



Actually, I'm ditching the crappy streaming.  I can get everything that Netflix streaming has through Amazon, Vudu, and Hulu Plus, which my TV and PS3 already use.  Especially now that Starz is jumping ship, Netflix streaming has a really sparse selection of really lousy stuff.  

I'll continue to get my discs- I don't trust Redbox's late fees, and I like to return discs when I feel like it.  If I'm in the movie-watching "zone," I'll be able to watch 2-3 movies per week, which still justifies the disc-only price.



Wow, am I the only MaxPC reader that loves blu-ray? I dropped the streaming service since they were going to charge extra for it. I can get 8 blu-ray movies a month for about $10. And since I physically have the disc, one could make a replica if one were so inclined. The only bad thing is that there is a wait for some of the new releases, but their library is so extensive, I can live with that.



I have no problem at all with the service, selection or the pricng. We use the streaming only service and the selection they have suits our tastes. Of course it is just my wife and I and our tastes tend to run more conservatively. We tried Hulu for a month and canceled it because their selection did not include the shows we like. We also got tired of the commercials and the fact that it would lock up during high traffic times (i.e. prime time). Not so with Netflix.



The quality of the streaming also "descreased". Part of their license agreement has, in all CAPS, that any one subscription may only stream to one device at a time, with up to six activations.

I used to be able to have my kiddo's streaming across the WII or PS3 content like Kipper and Caillou, while I have something else streaming in the office. No longer... Only one stream allowed now...


I'm waiting for a me-too service to emerge and either knock netflix off their high horse, or replace them. IMO, streaming 10+ year old content and restricting the number to streams to 1 seriously compels me to look elsewhere. They are not competing anymore.



In Canada, we just got Netflix. The selection is even worse then in America, because we have the CRTC. The CRTC regulates radio and television, requiring a certain percentage of Canadian content for all American content brodcast. This mean that, since there is not that many Canadian tv shows, we can only view a certain number of American tv shows. American produces a crap load of tv shows.

Plus we can't get Hulu or any other similar service.

Meaning illegaly downloading is the best way to go. Yah?

I had Netflix in Canada, but quit the service because I ran out of good things to watch.



It is my opinion that even at $16/mo. for one DVD + unlimited streaming is still a great value.  I definitely get my money's worth out of Netflix.  I feel similarly about the Zune Pass.



i dropped netflix after first hearing about all this uncalled for price hike. their streaming selection SUCKED. switching to blockbuster for $15 a month which gets me 2 at a time dvds/BLU RAY/GAMES. blu ray costs an extra $3 alone on netflix and they dont even offer games. you tell me which is the best deal. waiting 28 days AFTER a movie release and then another 2-3 months to actually receive it was just awesome. they cant claim all the BS that the cost of bandwidth is the problem either as multiple sources have said it cost roughly $0.01 per GB



I dropped Netflix before they even mentioned the price increase and will still continue to NOT invest in it.  It was a joke to have.  The movie selection was and still is horrible.  90% of the selection is at least 10 years old.  I'd like to watch a movie that was made in the last decade every so often.


Brad Chacos

Actually, I signed up for streaming Netflix AFTER all this hullabalu started! $8 for Netflix, $8 for Hulu Plus, no bandwidth cap with my ISP and adios, cable-rino.



What does Hulu+ have that Netflix doesn't offer? I thought Hulu+ just let you watch older episodes shows, while new ones are free with ads, and Netflix tends to have the same older episodes.



There are many shows that aren't offered on Netflix that you can find on Hulu Plus. It's just a matter of taste and what you're interested in watching. There are also good shows that are only on Netflix. I've been keeping busy with watching all the Star Trek shows they just received the rights for.



We dropped the disc option and haven't really been bothered by it.  If there is something new I really want to see, Redbox (but I haven't gone yet.)

I did it more for the fact that it is time for us to move to an all-digital environment and by hopefully casting my single vote, businesses and government will move in that direction all the much faster.

Granted, governemnt will still be clueless of industry changes for a decade or so, and the movie houses will continue with their list of 27 middle-men who all get exclusive air slots in the weeks and months after a movie is released, and NetFlix won't be able to get everything online all the time and ISPs are still going to try and cap our bandwidth and try to not run wire to every rural area.

But, we have to start somewhere.



If only they added more content to steaming. Having all forty-six Robocop movies is fine and all, but sometimes I want to watch a movie from the last 15 years that I haven't already seen 5 times.


But seriously, I want to have unlimited streaming for $8 or whatever, but I don't get too many movies in the mail and I'd like to combine that with a limited 2 discs/month plan, but you can't for some reason.

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