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I would have included the 8800GTX over the GT. The move to a fully unified shader architecture represented a significantly bigger mile stone(arguably the biggest improvement and largest change in the entire history of GPUs) than just a good cheap card or the move to 65NM

But GD seeing an old Athlon sure does bring back memories. 1800+ FTW



I still have an XP 2500+ running at 3200+ (with a 6800 GT AGP). Have all my old early decade games loaded on it.

Another old piece of hardware I'm hanging onto is an 8800 GTX. Complete game changer in video cards and I was able to use it in several different systems for four years.



By the way, if Metadot really cared about typing, they'd release an 'ergo' version of their keyboard, and I would own one. Or three. If you touch-type, which seems to be Metadot's intent, there's simply no going back to 'square' keyboards...



Glad to see the Klipsch Pro Media 5.1 on this list. I'm still using mine, and have yet to hear a compact speaker that could touch them. Of course, the amplifiers were total cr@p; I had mine repaired once, and have since had to replace the massive Klipsch subwoofer entirely. (It's awaiting some spare time, when I can give it an amplifier transplant.)

It's also worth lamenting the decline of 5.1 on the desktop. For movies or games, this is the way sound was meant to be. Even with music, judicious use of a DSP plugin can use the extra speakers to give you concert-hall ambiance in an office space, without notably distorting the original mix.

Further on the topic of sound... I would add that nothing will ever again induce me to load Creative drivers into my paintstakingly-tuned PC. I went through a lot of generations of hardware with Creative, but the X-Fi terminated that once-blissful relationship.



It's not really accurate to say AMD's Performance Ratings were launched as a way to overcome "its architecture's inability to run at faster clockspeeds". More like, to overcome the perception that clockspeed is the end-all, be-all of evaluating a processor.



Honorable mention...

The Celeron 300A
FSB 66 to 100 meant a 300MHz to 450MHz
That Asus P2B 440BX board.

Anyone remember that?


John Pombrio

My son uses the DAS keyboard. Drives me crazy when I have to type on it, especially numbers. And dang he is a fast typist! When doing his logon, it sounds like a zipper, briiip! Good thing too if you are going for a Computer Science doctorate at Brown...
Don't you hate it when you go to the doctors or dentist office and have to write out the same damn info by hand every year?



I hate how a lot of companies are focusing on closed loop cooling solutions. I understand how scary water cooling your $3000+ rig can be but as long as you're careful and you prey a lot, ppl shouldn't have problems.

It might have not been the best solution out there but the Zalman Reserator 1 V2 is my favorite solution out there. I actually have 3 of them working for one OC'ed Intel Core i7 920 and 2xGTX 295's. Yes, all very old hardware but still my main rig.


John Pombrio

I still use the Hyper 212 EVO air cooling as I don't expect my Ivy Bridge i7-3770K could get much over the 4.2GHz I am running now. Water cooling would probably be just a waste.
Be interesting to see what Haswell brings to the o/c game.



I don't know about Ivy Bridge, but water cooling definitely helped my OCing on a 2600k. A $60 Antec Kuhler 620 brought me from the low 4s on a Hyper 212 to a stable 4.6GHz, with 5GHz being stable when I get my voltages tuned in (I had it for a while, then changed things and forgot them).

I really hope Haswell uses fluxless solder, I believe the lack of that is what's hurting Ivy Bridge OCs.



Im pretty sure that the designer was going for a "Nautilus" kind of shape, not a boring and slow snail.


Dorito Bandit

Much love and respect to all of those who lost their lives for this great country of ours, and to all who are currently serving - Thank you guys for your service!



Here, here. I second that.



All good choices. I ran a 2500+ overclocked to run as a 3200+ for several years. It was reliable and stable even under the most stressful situations.

And and I still use a CM Hyper 212 plus in my i5-2500K system that is OC'ed to 4.4 Ghz. Seldom runs hotter than 40 degrees celsius. Still one of the top air CPU coolers on the market.

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