Relic Hints at Homeworld 3, Invents New Math



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I enjoyed watching the battles on Homeworld 1 and 2.  However, probably one of the more disappointing things is that the AI would scale up it's defenses based on your fleet, so you couldn't really bring in overwhelming firepower and crush it.  Still, it was fun.



oh i dunnowhen i sent in my feet i seemed to have more then overwheling fire power



Homeworld (all of them) are games an accountant would like.   The secret to ANY game is the interface folks.

WASD is for secretaries and Russians that can type 120WPM...the keyboard is the absolute dumbest way to control a computer game.  The joystick WAS the correct way....and even if you, for some strange reason, dissagree at least allow the end user the ability to BIND the commands to a joystick.....

They don't put joysticks in fighter planes because they are hard to use, now do they?

As for the interface....I don't WANT to have to run MS excell to play a damn game.  Put Diablo II LoD on a computer and re-experience the joy of a simple interface.  Even better, dig out a copy of the original UNREAL....not Unreal Tournament......and slap a joystick on it.  The joystick is by far the simplest way to control a computer game, it's more intuitive...period.    Get a clue!

There are just as many blue collar workers that play computer games and have coordinated hands, but are finger-challenged.  If you want the market share......go back to the joystick...simple as that.

And don't even MENTION those stupid XBox, PSx controllers, I haven't met one Octopus thats plays computer games.  I hate to admit that MS ever did anything great, but, the Sidewinder joystick was a work of art.



1v1 me on SupCom, you use your little joy stick and ill use my KBM. Well see what works best  then wont we?


Homeworld is awesome btw.



Interface rant aside Homeworld has appeal beyond accountants.  I play WoW, RTS's, first-person shooters ...etc, I have a broad spectrum of games I like.  I play on PC - XBox - PS3 and WII (which I really enjoy), I have all of them.  Homeworld was a standout and is one of the only ones I have gone back to play.  The interface was fun and strategy was engaging.  You don't like RTS's that’s fine but enough people played it to make the original homeworld a "Game of the year", might want to think about that and leave the interface rant to a different forum perhaps.


Viper Covakel

I must say I've really enjoyed the entire Homeworld series and would definitely be looking forward to the release of Homeworld 3.



I hope this game is being developed and will be announced soon. The original was so much fun and I can't wait to see what the next will look like with the newest GPU's. Can't wait - bring it on!!!

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