Register your MSI 6-series hardware for replacement



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As is usually the case with new hardware there are bugs to be shaken out. One more reason to resist all of the editorial urging to "Don't wait, upgrade now!".  I suspect it will be the end of the year before I upgrade to Sandy Bridge and then I will choose a motherboard that has been on the market for several months.



Just because a product has been out for months does not mean that it is defect free. It still might be right around the corner. I know this all too well: I'm a programmer. Also, ask Microsoft.



Once the news broke that the chipsets were broken (and I got home), I immeadiately registered my board (happened to be MSI's H67MA-E45).



Damn. Intel really screwed the pooch on this one. I was seriously considering purchasing that MSI laptop. It looked way better than my Alienware m15x. Guess I'm gonna wait now :(

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