Reference to Internet Explorer 10 Found in IE9



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The sad thing about IE is, that because it's coupled to the OS, it could ni theory be the fastest and most lightweight and most awesome, yet, somehow, MS manages to fail on all those points, again and again.

IE9 is nice, but it's still years behind Opera.



it's years behind everyone. Honestly, download manager? hardware acceleration? a proper add-on environment? You can get some of this stuff not only in every other major browser, but even on some MOBILE browsers now.

M$ is still running 3 years or so behind Mozilla, Chrome, and Opera. There's always going to br a place for windows (or at least therre will be for another decade or so) but unless they get their tumbs out of their orifaces and gets serious about providing truly modern browsers on a regular update cycle, Redmond is going to seriously lose face. (more than they alread have)



As you say this, try to remember IE9 has the fastest hardware acceleration by several times in magnitude.



With the possible exception of IE6, tech companies are always preparing for the next version of a product, sometimes before the "new version" is shipped. A good example is when Windows 7 was in RC Microsoft had already begun work on Windows 8. 



As nice as it is that MS is finally taking the browser more seriously, I really do wish they would uncouple it from the OS it's self.

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