Redmond Shows Off Cure for Teleconferencing Headaches at TechFest 2009



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It will be intresting to see how widely this gets implemented. It sounds like a good addtion to teleconference systems.

 It would only work when someone is connected using a stereo speaker system.

and most current teleconference systems are not stereo speaker systems.
 (I use a plantronics headset through a softphone to connect into my teleconferences)

 We are starting to see some new hardware coming out that supports surround sound, but there is a lot of existing technology that this wont work for.

It would probably work best if used on webinars VS VoIP Telephone systems.One thing to keep in mind is that it would now be transmitting stereo voice and increasing the data costs.  

Clint Davis
Greymouse Teleconference - Australian Teleconferencing Service 



Interesting that Micrsoft Research has been looking at this.

 In fact it is already a techniiqe in operation in Cisco's Telepresence teleconferencing suites.





Cisco's solution is a fairly costly one, ranging in price from $35K to as much as $59K. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft can use this research to bring out a much less expensive teleconferencing product suitable for a wider range of companies. If they can bring it to market quickly and at a reasonable price, it could be very useful in this time of economic uncertainty.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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