Redmond Makes It Easier to Arrive with Better Live Search Maps Features



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That guy type p...

Does Redmond really want us to use this feature. If so, why isn't there any Firefox support for the page?

I try to go to the page, and it tells me I require Internet "virus legulus" Explorer 7 or 8. So for now, I'm going to wait for Google Maps' answer to Microsoft.



I have no problems going to and using the directions feature with either Firefox 2 (on XP SP3) or Firefox 3 (on Vista SP1). Please try it on a different PC (if possible) and let me know what happens.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.


That guy type p...

Well currently I'm using an old G4 Mac *bleh* and Firefox 3.

Either way, I get a page that asks me to please use a "proper browser" like IE 7 or 8.

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